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fm tactics Tactics

Have trouble winning? Wanna simulate the playing style of a certain team? We have plenty of tactics to choose from.

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Tactical Discussion Ask for help or provide some. Upload Your Tactic Have you created a winning tactic? Share it with us!

utilities Utilities

We exclusively release world's most popular scouting tools for both PC & Mac. We distribute some others as well.

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Official FM14 Data Editor Where to find it & how to use.

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football manager  Forums  posts

Paul McGrath: Building a Villan Legacy! 66 replies, last by No1VillaFan 13 minutes ago
The Vitor Martins Chronicles 48 replies, last by pompeyblue 32 minutes ago
GNK Dinamo 2012/2013 1258 replies, last by Diazepamll 55 minutes ago
Nikigreat's It's a Wing Thing 0 replies, last by Nikigreat 3 hours ago
Chelsea: Taking the Throne 23 replies, last by pompeyblue 3 hours ago
FM 15 - 3D Kits thread 2 replies, last by GvFalkirk 3 hours ago
The Royal Redemption 93 replies, last by captainbrickarms 4 hours ago
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You can reject or accept multiple transfer bids for the same or different players at the transfer centre. Use 'Ctrl' or 'Shift' keys to select the desired players and select 'Accept' or 'Reject'.
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