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fm tactics Tactics

Have trouble winning? Wanna simulate the playing style of a certain team? We have plenty of tactics to choose from.

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Tactical Discussion Ask for help or provide some. Upload Your Tactic Have you created a winning tactic? Share it with us!

utilities Utilities

We exclusively release world's most popular scouting tools for both PC & Mac. We distribute some others as well.

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Official FM15 Data Editor Where to find it & how to use.

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New York City FC - The Franchise 14 replies, last by Tallery 5 hours ago
Create a player 7 replies, last by Louis O. 7 hours ago
Borussia Dortmund: Life after Klopp 102 replies, last by MisterLister 15 hours ago
Valencia CF: El Aumento De Los Valencianos 242 replies, last by Tallery 16 hours ago
Drink up thee cider!!! 194 replies, last by andybooy 22 hours ago
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You can manually balance the funds allotted to you between the transfer and wage budgets. To do this select 'Edit Budgets' from the Budget Adjustment panel in the Boardroom. This is particularly useful if your board are unwilling to give you any more transfer or wage funds.
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