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Be a scout for our monumental social scouting area. Rate players, write scout reports, upload screenshots.

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fm tactics Tactics

Have trouble winning? Wanna simulate the playing style of a certain team? We have plenty of tactics to choose from.

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Tactical Discussion Ask for help or provide some. Upload Your Tactic Have you created a winning tactic? Share it with us!

utilities Utilities

We exclusively release world's most popular scouting tools for both PC & Mac. We distribute some others as well.

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Official FM14 Data Editor Where to find it & how to use.

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Chairman Game - MrJK's Style 240 replies, last by ziechael 36 minutes ago
Italian Shuffle 0 replies, last by TheMS99 45 minutes ago
Lower League to Legend 2 replies, last by Justice 46 minutes ago
August Story of the Month 8 replies, last by Justice 50 minutes ago
how to play a 3-5-2? 8 replies, last by Justice 57 minutes ago
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If your club have not been packing out the stands, the board will consider allocating a match a 'fan day', where offers are made to allow fans into the stadium cut-price.
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