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Football Manager 2011 Patch 11.3

The last patch for FM2011 comes with the January transfer window update
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Football Manager 2011 Patch 11.3
SI is pleased to announce that the Football Manager 2011 Patch 11.3.0 – including the January transfer window update is now available to download.

This patch will bring your Football Manager database in line with real world squads and transfers up to the closing of the January window, as well minor tweaks and fixes to the existing game. All changes to squads will only take effect when you start a new game.

If you’ve downloaded the previous patch (11.1.0), (11.1.1), (11.2.0) & (11.2.1) it is still highly recommended that you download the new patch (11.3.0) to experience the most up-to-date and best Football Manager 2011 experience.

If you haven’t downloaded any previous patches you only need to download this latest 11.3.0 patch to bring your game up to date.

Steam purchasers or any boxed copy users who have registered their game through Steam DO NOT need to apply this patch as you will automatically be updated to the most up-to-date version of Football Manager 2011.

Please note, there are separate patches for boxed copies of the game and non-Steam digital download versions. Please make sure you download the version that is correct for your copy of the game, if you’re unsure please visit the FAQ section of the SI Forums.

For the full change list click here.

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Discussion on "Football Manager 2011 Patch 11.3"

osmanli2011-05-15 19:56
hey guys just wanted to say

i think the editor the actual editor that comes with the game does not work on 11.3 patch it works on 11.1 patch

if it does actually work on 11.3 patch can someone tell me as i made a team and cant actually play with them on the new update

appreciate any help or comments

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