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Roberto's Manciny Latest Winning Tactic

Six goals werent a lot .It was just the beggining
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Several millions of people were surprise from the margin of the Old Trafford Game .It was just a proof of fast and well

organised counter attacking football .High football quality ,clear roles ,squad discipline and very fast automatisations .

It was the best example of italian coaching school .Without ignoring the opponent Man City scored 6 goals .No irrational decisions ,no rush and mostly excellent tactical scheme .Thats the secret in every succesfull team .Appropriate balance and chemistry between the individuals.Thats why the role of the coach is becoming more and more crucial.Thats why every bench has become electric and under big pressure .Because football by its own is increasing the standards and the qualities of modern tactics .Romantic approaches are punished hard .Do you think so Sir Alex ?You gave a lesson to Arsene but you delivered a much harder from Mancio .What an irony...The theater of dreams became theater of nightmare ."It was the worst day of my life" it was Sir Alex's comment after the match .Between us I didnt see Mancini to celebrate this much after the victory .Because he has realise that the pressure is big and that nobody is satisfied in such a level .No matter the result or the margin .The classical example is Real Madrid .A victory is never enough .Maybe a huge series of consecutive victories is good enough ,but a single result can never satisfied the ex second division fans of Man City .Do you realise that in modern football tactics are even more important than talent and physical preparation ?Ask Sir Alex who took his lesson(?) .

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