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CFM Skin 2017 v1.01D | v2.1D | v2.1L

"Crisp, clean, simple, full of information and elegant" - all You need and even more than You can expect. You are only one step away from that. Download and enjoy even more FM 2017 with latest version of CFM Skin!

By on Nov 07, 2016   May 25, 2017   151049 views   248 comments
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Downloads: 43457 / Size: 120.0 MB / Added: 2016-11-07
Football Manager 2017 Skins - CFM Skin 2017 v1.01D | v2.1D | v2.1L
CFM Skin 2017 is a dark skin for FM 2017 with "IR" button and "DF11 Facepack" support and much, much more for much better FM17 gaming experiences. All You need is right here. Download now - You won't be dissapointed like current CFM Skin users!

"Great skin. Exactly what i was looking for. Thank you."
"I believe this is the best skin so far. Good job mate."
"I'm proud of You. Prevoius version was amazing, but present... awesome."
"Thanks for this skin for me it's the best of this year"

Released: 07.11.2016 - v0.1
Last Update: 25.05.2017 - v1.01D | v2.1D | v2.1L
Recommended width of the screen - from 1280px to 1920px
Recommended height of the screen - from 768px to 1080px

For higher width/height than recommended values it is better to play on a 125% zoom. For lower width/height than recommended it is much better to play on a 85/95% zoom. Of course You can still try to play on not recommended screen resolutions but they might cause little problems.

-- ABOUT CFM SKIN 2017 V2 --
This year I decided to create a version dedicated only for Donators of CFM Skin 2017 to thank Them for support They showed me. Thank You guys - that means a lot for me!
If You're not a Donator but You would like to get an access to the v2.1 version - that's not a problem! You can still join the group of CFM Skin 2017 donators this year. How? Visit the -- SUPPORT CFM SKIN -- section.
Password for v2.1 version will be sent to You via e-mail. Usually it takes less than 1 hour.

-- CFM SKIN 2017 v1.01D | v2.1D | v2.1L PREVIEW --

If You wish to support my work through donations just click the donation button below. Every donation is much appreciated. Thanks in advance!

  1. Download the .rar archive and use a tool such as 7-zip for Windows or The Unarchiver for MacOSX to extract its contents.

  2. Move the extracted folder "CFM Skin 2017" to your skins folder:
    \Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2017\skins\

  3. Run Football Manager 2017 and go to Preferences > Interface.
    You should see "CFM Skin 2017” as an option in the skin drop down of the General options section.
    Hit the Confirm button.

Download Now
Downloads: 43457 / Size: 120.0 MB / Added: 2016-11-07

Discussion: CFM Skin 2017 v1.01D | v2.1D | v2.1L

248 comments have been posted so far.

  • holtenprod's avatar
    Hey! Thanks for an awesome skin! I have a question. I downloaded the Daz8's Background Superpack and implemented your fix to get the city picture in the widget. It worked! However, the same picture is also the background. Is there anything I can do if I want to change the background photo, but keeping the city widget photo? is the same thing possible for i.e the squad screen?
  •'s avatar
    Place for free, Frees the password
  •'s avatar
    Other payment method??
  • pikawa's avatar
    @DANDY, "Use graphics from other users" - what? Just tell me what is taken from other creators? SPECIFY?!
  • DANDY's avatar
    It is not a donation, this is a sale.
    Use graphics from other users who give it for free, edit it and say that you do it. And then you sell them. This is so wrong.
    It should be free and optional donation.
  •'s avatar
    tem outra forma de pagamento ?
  • act's avatar
    Hi, I'd love to donate for this skin, but for some reason, PAYPAL doesn't accept the payment from my country, Japan. Is there any other way to get the skin v2.1?
  • _SMiguel_'s avatar
    I really love this skin and would be willing to contribute to use version 2.1 but unfortunately I do not have any credit cards and as such is impossible for me to enjoy this version :(
  • pikawa's avatar
    @sdcumt, any v2 is for donators only. If You donated and did not received the password - PM me with Your transaction ID. I'll resend everything.
  • sdcumt's avatar
    Hey man, awesome skin! Can you send me the password?
  • pikawa's avatar
  • nikolaosaek's avatar
    Also in the photos above they are the SAME at v1.01 and 2.0. Where can we see the difference so we decide which is better?
  • nikolaosaek's avatar
    I;ve asked before but didnt get an answer. In the team screen and can you add the details of the stadium?? capacity, condition, year...?
  • pelotta's avatar
    @pikawa, how can I change the club colours titles in the club view pannel, for instance: Fierce Rivals, Others Rivals, Youth system, club details,etc..

    You know what I mean. I'm asking because in some clubs I can't see the words, because I use backgrounds stadiums and The best colours are white, and light colours..
  • l3g1t001's avatar
    @Bartdude, he's giving away a very good skin for free already, his v2 skin is optional with a payment, alongside his free skin. He's not breaking any rules or forcing anyone to donate, I have donated and can tell you he put a tremendous amount of work in the v2 skin, so if he wants to feel compensated for it, hes entitled to.
  • pikawa's avatar
    @Bartdude, honestly... I don't know what are You talking about. This skin - starting from the layout/graphics and ending on a panels - is handcrafted by me.
  • Bartdude's avatar
    Most of the content was from other creators which was provided for nothing,now you want to charge people for YOUR skin ! The FM community is built on sharing content for FREE,shame on you !!
  • FantasticSkillz's avatar
    I have sent you an email
  • pikawa's avatar
    @FantasticSkillz, just answer to the mail I've sent to You with a password/link to download. I'll send to You a version without password.
  • FantasticSkillz's avatar
    I have problems with extracting the v2, it says: Could not extract the file "CFM Skin 2017 v2.1/actions/config.xml" from the archive "CFM Skin 2017 v2.1.rar": The archive file is incomplete
  • pikawa's avatar
    @EL-TEV, any v2 is for donators only. If You donated and did not received the password - PM me with Your transaction ID. I'll resend everything.
  • EL-TEV's avatar
    @pikawa Donation done :) what now? would you send me the password?
  • Mustang132's avatar
    @pikawa How to make the look of the positions tab return to v2.0?
  • pikawa's avatar
    @EL-TEV, any v2 is for donators only. If You donated and did not received the password - PM me with Your transaction ID. I'll resend everything.

    Few screenshots from upcoming v2.1 update:
  • EL-TEV's avatar
    Hi Pikawa, can i get the password for the v2.0 skin? thanks in advance :)

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