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Complete 4-3-3 Tactics

Tactical overhaul, two tactics included (433 DM and 433 AM).

By on Feb 06, 2017   Mar 22, 2017   70173 views   32 comments
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Football Manager 2017 Tactics - Complete 4-3-3 Tactics
Greetings to all fellow football managers.

This is a two tactic set up with different formations.

The aim is to employ possession and attacking football with lower/higher tempo depending on the situation.

  • The highest possession I have achieved is 75%, the average after a full season is 60%.

  • Awesome average passing success rate of 86%.

  • With the tactics I have won all possible titles during the 8 seasons, including a quintuple (5 titles) in my third season, an incredible septuple (7 titles) in my seventh season and a sixtuple in my eighth season. The Premier League was won 8 times consecutive, the Champions League 4 times (3 consecutive), breaking almost every competition and club record in the process!

But lets get down to business:

The two tactics have slightly different team and player instructions and different mentalities.
Which one to use and when?

  • The 433 AM or also seen as 4231 is a more attacking formation, it is best employed when the opposition uses more players in defensive positions and less than 3 players in attack (including AMR/AML/AMC/ST). Since we have 4 players in attack it is sensible to use the counter mentality, to draw the opposition and use our numbers to break forward quickly with more space to exploit.

  • The 433 DM is the classic version aimed more on controlling the ball anywhere on the pitch. It is generally a more defensive formation, which allows us to use a more aggresive mentality (control). Appropriate time to use it would be when the opposition uses more than 3 players in attack (including AMR/AML/AMC/ST).

  • If the opposition is using exactly 3 players in attack it is important to decide which one to use depending on the quality of the opposition. If you are not sure go for the more defensive 433 DM, and switch it in the second half if you are struggling to create chances.

*This is just a guideline and doesn't mean that the tactics won't work against specific formations, use them however you think is best.
*Both tactics are created for attacking possession football, if u need a waste time defensive tactic better find another one and put it in the third slot.

The tactics have set pieces routines for every aspect and though I am no expert in them I believe they are good enough.

About the player positions: 433 DM

  • Goalkeeper - defend: Any good goalie will do, but good footwork and rushing out are a bonus. Suitable wonderkids: Donnarumma, Ederson, Rajkovic.

  • LB - Wing Back support: This player will stay wider to provide support for the inside forward in attack and provide crosses from the byline. Suitable wonderkids: Grimaldo, Gaya, Shaw.

  • RB - Full Back support: A less attacking full back, who stays narrower to provide more defensive cover and rarely crosses. Suitable wonderkids: Henrichs, Bellerin, Lirola

  • CBs - CD defend: Typical offside trap setup. Suitable wonderkids: Rugani, Laporte, Zouma, Varane, Marquinhos.

  • DM - DM defend: Holding midfielder providing defensive support. Suitable wonderkids: Maia, Bazoer, Neves.

  • MCL - CM support: Basically a box to box midfielder who doesn't roam from position. You need a player who can defend and attack. Suitable wonderkids: Renato, Dele, Cook.

  • MCR - CM attack: A very technical role,acting as an advanced playmaker he will provide the link between midfield and attack. Suitable wonderkids: Bernardo Silva, Ante Coric, Odegaard.

  • AML - IF attack: He stays narrower and provides creative passes, dribbles and also shoots when in good position. Suitable wonderkids: Mbappe, Pulisic, Martial.

  • AMR - Winger attack: A wider attacking option to provide more unpredictability, he will dribble more to the wide and provide crosses, he will also shoot when in good position. If you have a left footed player, teach him PPM (trait) to "cut inside from the right wing". Suitable wonderkids: Lemar, Ousmane, Ounas.

  • ST - Deep Lying Forward support: He will link the two wide players and also provide the finishing touch. Any good striker can work. Suitable wonderkids: Origi, Kuki, Eggestein, Dybala.

  • 433 AM differences

  • MCL - CM defend: Holding midfielder moved to CM position.

  • AMC - AM support: This is the player acting as a playmaker and providing the support between midfield and attack.

  • ST - Advanced Forward attack: More advanced striker, because of the player behind him.
*The listed wonderkids are only a few to provide some ideas for your team, there are many more good options on the market.

  • If u get a red card remove the AML or AMC

  • The team training I use is balanced with average intensity, choose match tactics as preparation during the preseason and when the tactics are fluid switch to defending positioning for away games and attacking movement for home games. For individual training just train your players for the appropriate positions.

  • I don't use any opposition instructions.

  • Try to buy more players with high teamwork rating, it applies well within the very fluid team shape.

  • I like to train my attacking players to use one-two passes, which helps a lot in creating chances in some matches. Train your MCR, AML, AMR, AMC and ST.

  • Team talks are important to keep morale high, try to encourage your players and be less harsh in away matches. If the morale is low, a good way to lift it up is to arrange a team meeting.


Old Versions:

Please provide feedback on how the tactics work for your team!
Thank you!

Download Now
Downloads: 18425 / Size: 119.0 kB / Added: 2017-02-06

Discussion: Complete 4-3-3 Tactics

32 comments have been posted so far.

  • Den1s's avatar
    Highly recommend everyone to download the last version, much better results, I am getting 3,5 goals average per match with Monaco. Will post some screens maybe tomorrow.
  • Den1s's avatar
    Btw it is not neccessary to have a right footed winger, generally i prefer to use left footed who has PPM (trait) "cuts inside from the right wing", meaning he will do both run wide and inside, depending on the situation.
  • Vali184's avatar
    Thank you very much Den1s!!! I got two good attacking midfielders that are left footed.
  • Den1s's avatar
  • Vali184's avatar
    hey, can i use inverted roles? like if/wb on right side and winger/fb on left side? if yes, do i have to switch MCL to AP and MCR to CMS?
  • Den1s's avatar
    Updated and included new 433 AM (4231) tactic, I am aware some people experienced difficulty in away matches against strong teams with version 5, I believe the new version provides better balance.
  • TomDavies's avatar
    Gotta say this isn't working for me at all so far. But I can't see why! I'm quite an experienced FM player, never had this drastically different results from the description. Playing as Man City, home for is fine (W16, D2, L1) but away is a completely different kettle of fish. Can't win away with this tactic at all. My away win ratio is about 30%. Even when using standard and counter versions. Anyone else experiencing similar? And anyone know how to fix it?
  • RossFitz's avatar
    Before switching I was using this original posts tactic and was unbeaten until late November, had a bad run of injuries and players unhappy they werent playing (Mata). This whole tactic is excellent I just think its my inexperience of the game thats making it iffy. Only thing I could think of making changes to is set pieces, Im having a fair bit of trouble with them in particular the corners. Other than that, very solid tactic. Recommended!
  • RossFitz's avatar
    Tried to use the Control tactic with the CDM switched to CAM playing attacking midfielder, a DLP defend and an AP support in the centre and ive not won a game with it yet (5 games 2 draw 3 loses). Im playing with Man Utd so Ive been trying to accompany mata but the formation change just isnt working. Any update on the new attacking formation you were working on?
  • Tamiflu's avatar
    Sry for my bad english not my first language :(
  • Tamiflu's avatar
    @Den1s Man i did everything like you said, but i made a few changes, i switch the role of the F9, i put the rolw striker, and the wingers support, and i must say it's amazing, i'm with Sporting(POR) and won everything execpt the champions league, that i was eliminated in 3rd place, and went to UEFA and won so i win the Uefa, i must say that is an amazing tactic, Thanks.
  • Den1s's avatar
    You can try and see how he plays in this role or change it to Target man with support duty, he will still link up the play so it could work.
  • snadres89's avatar
    What do you think of a target man striker? Im Rosenborg BK in Norway, I got Bendtner up there. I want to get the best out of him!
  • Den1s's avatar
    for v5 switched the tempo to normal and altered left back and aml positions to be slightly more attacking while maintaining the balance, also some changes in corner and fk setup.
  • Rizakh's avatar
    is it good if you provide some changelog :)
  • Den1s's avatar
    For the fans of the more attacking 4231 formation, the tactic is coming soon, after I complete at least 1 season of testing. Meanwhile try the new version v5 of 433.
  • Den1s's avatar
    @RossFitz I am actually testing a 4231 formation, moving the AP in CAM position and the DLP to CM, but it becomes too attacking and balancing the other roles is needed. Tell me if u have any success in that.
  • RossFitz's avatar
    Was wondering can you switch DM for a CAM and if so what role would you recommend? Cheers
  • willybroadband's avatar
    This might be my favourite tactic I've used for FM17, dude! I've used the first 3 versions with great success.

    Thanks man. I might give the 4th version a go, too.
  • Sixy78's avatar
    Hi Guys this Guide also Helps out, it opens your mind a little, to the smaller things which you tend to oversee.
  • Den1s's avatar
    @Tamiflu Hi there i have not tested it with 2 wingers, but if you'd like to try you can set the IF to Winger attack with the same instructions as the AMR, and change the left back to support like the right back (and put the same player instructions), so they will not run into the same space.
    I would enjoy feedback if that works for you :)
  • Tamiflu's avatar
    Hi, can i switch the IF to another Winger? it's because i really enjoy the 2 wingers crossing to the Striker, can you give me some tips on how should i do it?
  • EL-TEV's avatar
    Hi, thanks for answering! you are right, and I certainly will try it out Den1s to see how it suits my team :-)
  • Den1s's avatar
    Hello thanks for the comment, there are differences in the team instructions like removing pass into space to allow mainly the creator roles to play riskier passes and removing retain possession to increase directness a little, it is also affecting only the attacking players. Work ball into box has been removed as well, but I put shoot less player instructions instead, so its probably only increasing crossing a bit. Also changed some of the instructions for the CM.
    I had success with both versions (v1 and v3), you can try and see which one you like more for your team, in the end its all about watching and enjoying your team style right?
  • EL-TEV's avatar
    Hi Den1s, I am a great supporter of your tactics! Was just wondering whats the main difference between the first, second and third version? I am using version 1 and its very effective, but do i need too update it to v3?
    Thanks for great tactics, 3rd in the league with Everton first season, won EFL Cup and ready for quarter final i the FA Cup :-)

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