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FM Genie Scout 14 - Exclusive

World's most popular scouting tool for Football Manager returns for FM14. Works with latest 14.3.1 patch.
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FM Genie Scout 14 - Exclusive
Welcome Genie Scout 14! The best scout tool for Football Manager 2014.
Exclusively available from for yet another year :)

FM Genie Scout (or Genie Scout in short) is world's most popular scouting tool for Football Manager, created to extend the possibilities of finding, sorting and shortlisting players and staff, controlling their progress, making "first 11" and tactics choice easier and observing attributes invisible in FM.

Released: 2 December 2013 - v1.0 build 411
Updated: 10 April 2014 - v1.1 build 418

There are no new features compared to Genie Scout 13, except the addition of all the new player roles in FM14 (enganche, false nine etc). During closed beta stage, Eugene focused on making all GS13 functions available for GS14 and fixed all bugs that came to surface. As a result, the public edition should be quite stable from the very first version.

Redistribution Policy
Want to share GS14 on other sites? Please point the download link to this very page. You cannot host any files yourself.


OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8
FM14: 14.3.1, 14.3.0, 14.2.2, 14.2.1, 14.2.0, 14.1.4

Does it work for Mac or Linux?
No. However, we exclusively release a special scouting tool for Mac.
MacAssistant RT for FM14 - Exclusive

How to run

  • Extract the downloaded .zip file and run the setup .exe file.

  • You might get an offer to install a free program or a browser toolbar. You can choose to Accept or Decline/Skip the offer.
    Important: Unticking checkboxes on the offer screen is only for disabling an offer's extra options. If you don't want the offer, you need to hit the Decline or the Skip button!

  • Follow instructions until installation is finished.

  • Run Football Manager 2014 and load your savegame.

  • Launch Genie Scout 14 and from main menu click "Load Game".

Our good member Miguel wrote a detailed instructional guide to Genie Scout. Check it out!

Donate to get the "g" edition

As usual, Genie Scout 14 comes in two editions. One with ads and one with no ads (we will refer to it as the "g" edition). In order to get the "no ads" one you'll have to donate to Eugene first, using the Donate to Eugene page.

Genie Scout 14g FAQ

Eugene has automatized the process of distribution for the "g" edition, so people will only have to wait a few minutes before they will get a download link and a key file. But only if they have sent correct contact email, correct Unique ID along with the donation.
Make sure you check your Spam folder too.
If Eugene doesn't have his computer open at the time of donation, it might take up to 24 hours or longer (until he opens it). In case of problem with your donation, please contact Eugene using the email address you'll see in the message after donation.

Apart from no ads, the "g" edition has 4 extra features:
  • Probability of Development :
    A statistically based model that will show the probability of reaching theoretical maximum of players ability
  • Progress Rate :
    Shows the predicted speed of player's development, depending on his ambition, determination, professionalism etc
  • Support for Graphics :
    If you have custom facepacks and/or kitpacks added to your FM, it should show on player and team profiles on GS
  • Top Players Lists :
    Automatically generated lists for best players, most promising and top bargains in the world, by position

Please note that during the first run of "g" edition it may take a few minutes to create the graphic packs cache. Next time it will be loaded much faster.

FM Scout (the site) is not involved in the donations towards Eugene, neither has any responsibility delivering the ad-free version to you after donation. This is a process handled solely by Eugene himself.

Bug Reports

If you find a bug, please report it to the Genie Scout forum.
Read this before submitting any bugs!

Any comment including bug report posted on this page will be removed on sight!

Please understand it is forbidden by the EULA from SI and SEGA to export all the data from the results. You should be able to export only basic information such as player name, club, age, etc... the rest information belong to SI and SEGA.


Genie Scout 14 is created by Eugene Tarabanovsky.
He has been producing this program for the past 8 years now!

Genie Scout logo made by Stam.


April 10 - Build 418
  • Compatible with 14.3.1
March 21 - Build 417
  • Compatible with 14.3
  • Some rare loading data errors fixed
December 20 - Build 412
  • Compatible with 14.2
  • Added support for Korean edition
  • Sale Value calculation improved ('g' edition only)
  • Minimum Fee Release Clause added
  • Players on loan are displayed correctly now
  • PPMs are now showing correctly
  • Other minor fixes

I speak my mind and I speak the truth. FM Scout is my brainchild and I try to make it a better place every year. I consider myself a lucky man for being able to turn this website into an engaging and vibrant community.


Discussion on "FM Genie Scout 14 - Exclusive"

RedGladiator2014-04-23 01:38
I sent payment on 10th april and received no key file. I sent euguene a private message 24 hours later, no reply to date. What now?

PS072014-04-16 15:23
Hello everyone,

I have a concern about Genie Scout. To charge the non worries but when I go to the profile of a player I do not have access to historical savepoints I do. I attached the file to save points but I do not have the historical reference to the player.

Do you know why?

thank you

glenbino2014-04-14 21:31

Have you e-mailed Eugene? If you use the same e-mail address you used to buy the g edition to contact him, he'll hook you up. I had my new unique ID in less than 24 hours when my last laptop bit the dust.

Michielrafc2014-04-14 20:32
Everty time I want to extract the file, I get this error:

Also, as said by someone before, my file is sized 6.8 instead of 7.1 MB

thefatdudeuk2014-04-14 19:36
bit fed up now - asked weeks ago how to get it swapped to my new laptop ..???

jeebiev2014-04-14 15:37
Hi guys - hope someone can help. I got my 'g' download email on Friday, but haven't got my keyfile yet... really eager to start using it. Could you work your magic, please and get the email elves to send it on.


Giorgos2014-04-13 10:41
Hey people I have a pro with the new version of genie scout 14.3.1 i have already loaded it since the first season of my game but now I am in 1st July 2014 and it seems I get a msg when I run the program saying list index out of bound wtf?

Traquan2014-04-12 14:41
Good afternoon.

Is there any news on the sale value issue? For me, this is probably the most important feature of Genie Scout. I understood that it is hard to calculate in the current version, but I really hope the calculated sale value can be improved. It is very, very much off right now (f.i. sale value 5M, but bids up to 50M rejected for a foreign young player, not at a rival club). I already use the G version. It would be nice to hear of any progress on this issue.

Furthermore, I would also really like the feature that Glenbino proposes further below:
Would it be possible to insert the role ratings into the main screen by giving them their own columns?

In FM14, I find myself more and more looking for the right player roles in stead of the positions. I think the info is there, could you please implement a search for the player roles in Genie Scout?

fmscoutfan2014-04-12 09:05
Hey! The latest version shows me 0 for every team's transfer budget, initial and remaining. Does anybody else have this problem?

Group Stam2014-04-11 18:58
@maivia: GS14 new version for 14.3.1 was already released yesterday in the afternoon. Just use the "Download Now" button on this page to grab it.

@vajrayana: Norton always seems to have an issue with bundled offer installers. But you can check VirusTotal report (Google owned service) on the latest public version; Norton (Symantec) says it's clean, only Nod32 doesn't like it.

@RedGladiator: No, if you re-install Genie Scout it doesn't change your Unique ID. Unique ID is changed when you update Windows (e.g. from 7 to 8) or when you format your computer. It's unique per computer and per OS configuration.

@Dommi: That's strange. Are you referring to the public version or the "g" one?

@glenbino: Could be possible, I want to see that too actually. Not sure if Eugene is willing to add new features now though.

@J_09_P: I'm not sure I understand. Can you please provide a screenshot?

maivia2014-04-11 10:32
when the genie update for the 14.3.1 will be realeased??

glenbino2014-04-11 06:54
@RedGladiator Check your e-mail. Eugene sent out the new version of the "g" edition this morning.

RedGladiator2014-04-11 06:51
@vajrayana what do you mean?

vajrayana2014-04-11 04:57
virus?? norton report

RedGladiator2014-04-11 00:05
If I reinstall for the new patch does it change my unique ID?
I'm still waiting for the g version.

Dommi2014-04-10 18:50
The age in the new version is a negative value?

It uses - and then the birth date of the player.
If the player is born 2000 or later, it keeps counting down (-106, -110, ...).


glenbino2014-04-10 18:23
I'm not sure this is the place to make suggestions or whatnot, but here goes anyway...

Would it be possible to insert the role ratings into the main screen by giving them their own columns? The ratings can already be viewed in the individual player bios when you double click, and it would make finding good poachers and inside forwards for WonderTac much easier.

Love the product, love Eugene. Keep up the great work.

J_09_P2014-04-10 14:35
good afternoon,

I'm also having the same problem, does not appear to me me the option to choose on the pub. and already before the conflict with norton or other anti-virus.
I can not understand what's going on.

Group Stam2014-04-09 20:10
We are aware there's a new FM14 patch out today. Eugene is already working on updating GS14 to be compatible with this 14.3.1 update. We'll try to release new version sometime tomorrow.

@jimbossy: Yes, there is. Try the option to filter players by club/squad using the 4th option as shown on this screenshot, then type the name of your club and select it from the list:

@kmtw: No idea on this one either. Download works fine for me, never experienced this error. Did you try a different program to extract the archive? For example you could use 7-zip instead of WinRAR.

@Britten42: I don't know what causes this error. I've informed Eugene once again and hopefully he can fix it for next version. At any case, the latest version you can always download from this very page, you won't get anything different if you check for new version from within the program.

jimbossy2014-04-06 11:37
Is there anyway for me to use Genie Scout to assess my own squad? I don't get to see the option of searching players based on club. Can someone help?

kmtw2014-03-31 12:45
Everytime I download the file and try to open it with winrar it has an error code coming up, it appears the data inside it is corrupted. (I cannot be too sure because the error message is in Chinese) and although the file size says 7.1mb it is downloading as a file sized 6.8mb

Britten422014-03-27 02:44
I have the same problem as a few others. I go to use it but it says the version of FM14 isnt compatible. I have the newest version of FM14 so i would assume that i needed to update the genie. But, when i try to update the genie it just says that there is a network error and it cannot connect. Or more precisely, it says 'An error was encountered while trying to get version info. Cannot get data from web'. Any ideas floating around? Cheers

delphinid2014-03-26 11:02
Try it with FM2014 running and a savegame loaded as I get that message if FM2014 is not running!

Group Stam2014-03-24 17:22
@Ivotti: This has nothing to do with the installer offers, it's totally unrelated. Which FM14 version do you have? Is it the latest 14.3.0? Do you have FM14 running and your save-game loaded?

@poez @Amit Sadh: Not sure what's wrong for you guys, the download works fine for me and everyone else I've just asked. Do you still get the same error?

Ivotti2014-03-24 12:38

i have been waiting for the latest update for G.S 14 for a while. now i downloaded it but it says: ''please make sure you are using FM 2014 14.0.1 or higher. (and i play with the latest update) already tried the Administrator rights :)

any idea? totally remove genie scout and reinstall? or is it because i declined/skipped the offers?


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