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FM Scout Editor 2017 - Exclusive Download

Brand new real-time scout & editor for Football Manager 2017. Aiming to do as much as the official In-Game Editor and then some. Updated on April 18th.

By on Jan 31, 2017   Apr 18, 2017   116336 views   128 comments
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Downloads: 39667 / Size: 11.0 MB / Added: 2017-01-31
Football Manager 2017 Tools - FM Scout Editor 2017 - Exclusive Download
FM Scout Editor 17 (FMSE17 for short) is a utility with real time editing and scouting capabilities for Football Manager 2017 and Football Manager Touch 2017. It currently works with Windows 7+ and the latest 17.3.1 Steam version of FM 2017 64-bit. Developed by the creator of MacAssistant RT.

Exclusively available from

Released: 31 January - v0.1.6.2
Updated: 18 April - v0.5.0.0

Redistribution Policy

People who want to put FM Scout Editor on other sites, you may link back here but you cannot host any files yourselves. Thank you!

FMSE Features

Even though the initial alpha version is missing plenty of features that we're still working on adding, it's already packed with a plethora of options and running lightning fast. The focus is clearly on the editing side of things. The scouting part will grow in due time.

Once we reach beta, FMSE17 shall have a much wider range of functionality to meet the needs of our most demanding users. That won't take as long as you might expect, so make sure to vote for the feature you wish to see next.

We intend to issue weekly updates, so there will be something new to look forward to every single week.

Whenever there's a new official patch out, we aim to update within a couple of hours. And while update time is dependent on external factors (such as patch complexity or other unpredictable situations), we'll do our best to deliver updates faster than any other third party tool out there.

Here's an overview of the currently available key features...

In-Game Assistant
See hidden player attributes, CA/PA & actual left/right foot values right in the game (attributes screen). This is an exclusive feature no other tool for Windows is offering!

Edit Club Finances
Edit all kinds of club finances, such as budgets, ticket prices, sugar daddy, sponsors, debts and more.

Edit Club Info
Fiddle with club name, year founded, facilities, youth recruitment, morale, attendances.

Edit Players
A vast amount of player details can be edited, including value, all attributes, abilities, contract data, reputation, positions, preferred moves and so on. You can also heal injuries, destroy a player (fitness to 1%) and remove bans.

Edit Staff
Scout for and Edit Non-Playing staff like Coaches, Assistant Managers, etc.

Mass Edit Teams
Quick-actions to Heal Team, Remove Unhappy, Remove Bans and Destroy Team.

Edit Club Kits
Change kit style and colours every new season and see these changes apply to the 3D match as well!

Edit Awards
In-depth editing of awards is possible for all sorts of award details. The most advanced FM Award Editor is here!

Edit Cities
Edit city details such as coordinates, attraction, altitude and amount of inhabitants.

Mass Edit Players, Staff, Clubs, Awards & CitiesNEW
Advanced Mass Edit dedicated panel you can access after selecting 2 or more entities in search results. Multi-select entities using Shift-click, Ctrl-click or click-drag.

FMSE Screenshots

Feature Requests

Vote for the next feature of FMSE 17 below!

You can always request a feature that you want that will make this tool better! Just leave a message in the official FMSE forum! Any doable feature requested will make it in one of our next releases.

How to use FMSE

Current version is compatible with Steam 64-bit Windows edition only.

  1. Unzip and install by running the .exe file.
  2. Open Football Manager 2017 or Football Manager Touch 2017 and load your saved game.
  3. Open FMSE 17.
  4. Click on the load icon (small folder, top left).
  5. Search for awards, cities, clubs, players...
  6. Double-click on an item from the results.
  7. A new window will pop-up and you can edit data there.
  8. Once done editing click on the save icon (small disk, top left) for the changes to take effect.

Support FM Scout Editor

You can support the development of this tool by purchasing a license which unlocks the editing features for the 2017 version. This is an one time upgrade which costs £4.99 / €4.99 / $5.99 + VAT for EU Supporters.

User guide: Registering your FMSE license

Software licenses issued for FMSE17 are NON-refundable. Please make sure the app and the features provided are what you are looking for, before purchasing. If you have any questions about purchasing a license, you can contact prior to your purchase.

Bug Reports

If you encounter any bugs, please report them in the official FMSE forum, or by sending an email to

As we're still in alpha version, please, keep a backup of your save game before using FMSE 17 to edit your game’s data. AppCake Ltd and cannot be held liable for any corrupt game files, or any other issue caused by the use of FMSE 17. A backup will make sure that whatever happens, you will still have your saved game.


For support queries regarding licenses, please contact For any other support queries, please contact

Download Now
Downloads: 39667 / Size: 11.0 MB / Added: 2017-01-31

Discussion: FM Scout Editor 2017 - Exclusive Download

128 comments have been posted so far.

  • Stam's avatar
    @Tudorliviu3: Saving your edits requires a license, it's clearly stated above and in other FMSE references around the site. Simple scouting is free, editing is premium.
  • Tudorliviu3's avatar
    When I m trying to press the save button, it says that I must purchase the license. What can I do?
  • AIM23's avatar
    @Stam Well, I hope and wish that moment comes soon, because I've been waiting for something like this for quite some time.
    Thanks for your answer.
  • Stam's avatar
    @AIM23: I have answered this a few times (scroll through my recent comment replies), but mainly explaining it's something we intend to do eventually without having a firm deadline. If you actually read the text above, you'll find that FMSE is currently 64-bit only (stated twice; first occurrence in the starting paragraph).
  • AIM23's avatar
    I have asked on two occasions if there is a possibility that I can buy this application for 32bit.
    unanswered. They devote their time to answer to those who do not intend to value their work or pay it. And they do not respond to those who can.
    Thanks for ignoring me.
  • taverham4's avatar
    @thanoulas and @Stam. Well said guys! Let's hope this thread can be positive and normal from now on.
  • thanoulas's avatar
    @EW: I'm not 100% sure, but I believe this is how much the club values having a good youth club. Literally, how important they think the youth club is for them.

    @Lenzar you have confused a few things I'm afraid. Let me enlighten you:
    1st of all, I have nothing to do with the free editor you mention here. I was never directly involved with that, other than some advise I gave to its developer. (hint: neither me or Stam is the developer of that free editor)
    2nd I am the developer of this app, and I am the one who profits from this app. Stam is the owner of this website. I've always been charging money for the editing features of my apps, which for the record are MacAssistant RT and FMSE.
    Finally, I've had enough explaining why I do what I do. It's your choice whether you want to support my efforts and buy a license for my apps or not. If you believe that FMRTE gives a better value for your money, please go there, and support its developer. He is also doing the right thing charging money for his countless hours he spent trying to decode hexadecimal numbers that make no sense. If you feel you can do it for free, please, be my guest. I'll make sure with Stam that your app sits on a very prominent place on this website.

    From now on, @Stam, please go ahead and delete any comment regarding this ridiculousness without any notice. There is no point taking useful space for people who want to ask a legitimate question or need support.
  • Stam's avatar
    @Lenzar: You're wrong on both points, but everyone's entitled to an opinion. We stopped supporting FMRTE once it turned premium, simple as that. FMEL was discontinued almost a year ago because the lead dev abandoned the project (barely released it over the last 2 seasons anyway). I suggest that you read the story behind FMSE. For the record, thanoulas was already charging for his Mac editor 4 years ago.

    Your choice of words (here & on chat) was poor. You've also been rude in the past, so tread carefully if you care to continue posting. I know I wouldn't mind to see you go since your value as a member is close to 0; no contribution, just nagging.
  • EW's avatar
    So what does it mean by "Youth Importance" exactly? Does it just mean how highly the club relies on youth for their squad?
  • Lenzar's avatar
    I can't believe the attitude of some of these users. This website made a massive stink about FMRTE charging, but has now dropped a free product (that they couldn't even be bothered with last year), for one that does less than FMRTE but still have the cheek to charge for it. Quite frankly the story I read about charging is a load of guff. It was greed that drove this decision.
  • taverham4's avatar
    I have to say I agree with thanoulas. Why is it, that people think you should get something for free. Do you guys go to a supermarket and expect your groceries for free? Of course you don't, so why should software be free. I think this editor is a bargain for the price, so please keep up the good work guys.
  • AIM23's avatar
    Will one day be the 32bit version?
    Because of what it would be useful to pay and contribute if I can not use it.
  • thanoulas's avatar
    @jmoreira why don't you then? Why are you commenting here? Just go and buy the sigames editor (which does far less than what FMSE does) and use genie scout! I am also disappointed by everyone who thinks I'll work for free for them.
  • jmoreira's avatar
    Dissapointed too. For that, we can pay sigames for in-game editor and use genie scout.
  • Stam's avatar
    @adivit: I suggest reading the story behind FMSE to familiarize with the reasoning.

    @baggio: FMSE is compatible with the latest stable version (17.3.1). If it doesn't work for you, it means you have opted to beta version updates.
  • adivit's avatar
    very dissapointed that you need to pay in order to properly use this..............
  • baggio's avatar
    выдает ошибку : failed to load football manager data: could not find a compatible football manager version.
  • Stam's avatar
    @Trolli66: League editing is not available yet, but we'll add such functionality eventually.
  • Trolli66's avatar
    Can you edit the rules of the competitions. Like how many foreigners you can have in your team?
  • Stam's avatar
    New version marks the introduction of a major new feature: MASS EDIT. Currently mass edit works with awards and cities; mass edit for clubs, players & staff will arrive in the next couple of days.

    FMSE list of changes.

  • Stam's avatar
    Hey guys, please accept my apologies for the delayed response. I've been on a break (ended yesterday) and Thanos has been busy with moving to another country.

    We're working on the next version which should be made available this coming week (there's a good chance for Tuesday night). The next major feature to look forward to is Mass Edit.

    @tangent007 @veezy: Eventually, yes. Can't promise you when though; could be sometime before summer.

    @gallorgs: For the entire league or just your own team?

    @Lucasino27: Saving your edits requires a license.

    @migain: In-Game Assistant is a premium feature which requires a license.

    @diabolik56: I'm afraid that doesn't seem likely at this point.
  • tangent007's avatar
    will there be a FMSE17 version for 32bit game as well?
  • gallorgs's avatar
    Quick question, can i increase the squad size from 25 players cheers
  • Lucasino27's avatar
    Hey guys i have a question, can I edit the players ability and attributes with the free version or only with the bought version of Scout Editor?
  • migain's avatar
    how to use In-Game Assistant ?

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