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About FM Social Scouting

Our exclusive database of in-game players, featuring user-submitted ratings, reports and screenshots.
A massive user-submitted database of real players in-game, featuring ratings, reports and screenshot uploads by members of An online tool that's been missing from the FM scene for years. Join us today and let's scout together for the world to see!
Mission Statement

This project aims to fill the gap between Genie Scout and in-game scouts by providing a collaborative platform for FM enthusiasts where they can share their in-game experience on players.

Why Use Social Scouting

Because it's great! It's designed to be simple and easy to use. The more people contribute, the more accurate it gets. It's the one reference point you'll ever need in your FM stories and chats. Really!

Database Details

Our database includes thousands of players and we're only using basic data which are not game exclusive, which makes this project 100% legal. For exclusive game data such as player attributes, using screenshots is the only legal way to go.

100% Free For All

Anyone can use our special search engine and access the player profiles. However, if you want to be a scout and contribute to this project, you'll need a free member account.

How to Contribute

Login with your account. Use our search engine to find the players you wish to scout. You can rate, write a report and upload screenshots, it's up to you. If a player is not already there, you can request his addition.

Sports Interactive Permission

Before realizing FM Social Scouting, we asked Sports Interactive for permission to use wage and value data from their database, and also to review the overall concept of this effort. We are happy to say we've got their approval for both.

Sample Player Profile
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