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new country: Awesome

I edited Belarus to a new country with 2 leagues and all the best players in the world.
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I edited Belarus to a new country named Awesome.

It has a league with all the European top teams and a B-league, named Winners and Winners B respectively.

All the best players in the world play for the Awesome national team.

With all the best clubs in the world competing.
The league also has a New team with top players and my family in it to make it extra hard; the worst teams in the 1st division are Anderlecht and Basel.
There is also an edited team "kick ass' with me and my family in it.

How to use

If you download the file you should place it in:
Documeents/sports interactive/fm 2012/editor data
if you don't have an editor data file, make one.

I also have new flags for Belarus, but i don't think you should use them, because it will change the flag in ALL your saved games.
Any questions, ask me :D
Join the talk on this forum thread.



Discussion on "new country: Awesome"

Dylan2012-08-30 17:30
downloaders, your thoughts?

Group Stam2012-08-28 23:37
Some how to use instructions would be nice for beginners mate.

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