Football Manager 2012 Patch 12.2.1

This patch addresses the reported issues of the January Transfer Update.

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Football Manager 2012 Patch 12.2.1
Football Manager 2012 Patch 12.2.1 is now available to download. Steam will need to be set to ONLINE mode to automatically update your game with the patch.

This patch addresses the reported issues of the January Transfer Update. As always this update is save game compatible, however for some fixes (such as the Turkish Premier League fix) you’ll have to start a new game for this to take effect.

Likewise the two data changes (Nottm Forest Chairman and Sam Hutchinson) will also need you to start a new game - these changes have been added to the 12.2.0 database. There is no new database option when starting a new game.

Released: 14 March 2012

If you get any messages stating the game is now unavailable, we recommend verifying your cache.

If you have any feedback in regards to this 12.2.1 update please post it in the Official 12.2.1 Update Feedback Thread.

Football Manager 2012 12.2.1 Change List

- Fixed issue where the game would create too many scout reports, sometimes resulting in missing reports, runtime errors or a crash
- Fixed issue where Reminder Date was not being saved when confirming notes
- Fixed postponed fixtures issue that resulted in warnings being displayed and a possible crash

- Fixed issue in pre-12.2.0 saves where some players in Greek & Hungarian leagues are incorrectly regarded as Foreign
- Fixed issue where winning the Turkish Premier League is not credited
- Prevented new Russian foreign player rules applying to pre-12.2.0 saves

- Corrected Nottingham Forest chairman's retirement date so he is now available for board interaction
- Corrected Sam Hutchinson retirement date so he now appears in-game 

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