FM12 TEAM TALKS Hints and Tips

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FM12 TEAM TALKS Hints and Tips

Beginner Level

Ensure that your players don't become complacent when leading well at half-time. Make sure they get the job done.

A confidence boost at half-time can often be what your players need to win the second-half and turn a game around.

Telling your players exactly what you think of them may buck their ideas up. Give them the hairdryer treatment when you feel it is needed, but be aware that some players may become disgruntled and complain to the media.

Remember how your players react to certain instructions in certain situations. Their mental attributes will determine how effective your instructions are.

Keep your players happy. Praising wins keeps morale up and provides greater impetus for the team to string good performances together.

If morale is low, harsh team talks are unlikely to improve things. Aim to encourage your players and give them a lift.

Pre-game expectations will impact on performances. Telling your players you expect a win in games you aren't clear favourites for adds unnecessary pressure.

Informing your players that you expect a defeat may lower morale, although it can have a beneficial effect should you go on to lose as your players may not get too downhearted by events.

Be more generous with your praise for good performances when playing away from home.

Be less harsh with your criticism for poor performances when playing away from home.

Be more demanding of your players when playing at home, where your fans will be expectant of you to push on to try to get the right result.

Team talks can be very useful for morale, but don't always follow the same route. Constantly saying the same thing to your players may have less of an effect in the long-run.

Think carefully about singling out players for criticism or praise. Only do it when it's merited or risk causing rifts in the squad if the player or his team-mates feel it was unjust.

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    Yeah, but hey...I play for Barcelona...the praising works only on players around 20 years of of the team, it is just nearly impossible to see their morale grow up after half time team talk...or after the match...any hint would be helpful..thanks :-)