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Yugoslavian League by Flamboyant15

EX-Yugoslavian league as a CUP Competition for Football Manager 2012.
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Yugoslavian League by Flamboyant15
YU-League in an entirely new light, as never before made such as Cup !!!
Division consists of five Serbian and Croatian, four Slovenian and Bosnian three Macedonian and Montenegrin teams.
Built around the model of the Champions League only with a lot less teams in competition and a shorter period of contesting.

The system of competition is divided so that the first five teams from Serbia and Croatia, the first four from Bosnia and Slovenia, 3 from Macedonia and Montenegro play in the four qualifying groups 4 and each group has the 6 teams from 5 different countries of the former Yugoslavia!


League starts 23/08/2011 and ends 01/18/2012

League has been tested and works, enjoy!

Installation instructions

Put the file in:
Win Vista/Windows 7: C:\Users\<username>\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2012\editor data\
Win 2000/XP: C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\My Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2012\editor data\
Win 98/ME: C:\My Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2012\editor data\
Mac OS X: /Users/<username>/Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2012/editor data/

If you don't have editor data folder, create it yourself.


Discussion on "Yugoslavian League by Flamboyant15"

floyd2013-03-12 20:32
Why you edit some players and give Nemanja Kovacevic from Serbia PA -10 ?

deson2012-03-25 20:02
Is this for 1 season or many every season?

anyway nice job, it works :D

Flamboyant152012-02-26 22:06
Replaced megaupload link and now it'c working.Uploaded to mediafire...

DimiSRBIJA2012-02-19 18:48
I try to download and it says FBI something :D AND KOSOVO IS SERBIA!

djurava2012-02-09 01:51
Cam someone tell me where can i find this file to download?

Thank you in advance.

Flamboyant152012-01-20 15:54
There is no Kosovo State on the world map, i search that in internet net and find out that is the teritorial part of Republic Serbia.Like Catalonia in Spain...And for Albania, dude Albania has never been part of Former Yugoslavia!!!And for league creation, you can search in you tube for that tutorial, becose it's same proces like in FM11.

piratestorm2012-01-16 11:07
Hey guys. There are missing two countries teams. Its Kosovo teams, and Albania Teams. And by the way can any of you create a new league for the state of Kosovo. Or at least to tell me how to do it and i will do it. PL>? If u need the teams names i will send to you.

Flamboyant152012-01-07 10:32
A new cup like Champions League in a regular season.Not as competition when you have option to select only Yugoslavian League.

Bullwyf2011-12-26 23:13
One question, is this a new copmetition or you used one and put them together and if it is, wich one you used?
Best regards.

Flamboyant152011-12-11 15:00
kale9.Copy both files...What option 200 i dont uderstand it didn't happened in history of the game not in one patch.You must tell me what exactly appeared in the screen.

kale92011-11-25 13:25
hey it doesnt work for me...there are 2 files right? DBC and BAK. do i copy both in editor data folder? i did that and when i start game i have the option to make 200 and something changes and i do that but everything stays the appreciated

Group Stam2011-11-16 12:10
I've added installation instructions, see above.

kokale19802011-11-15 09:03
where I need to copy files? in which folder? pls for answer

fiju_prc2011-11-08 01:00
Format lige za 10ku,samo mi se ne svidja vrijeme odigravanja. :)

Group Stam2011-11-04 22:39
You didn't need to submit a new page about it. As the page author you can actually edit this very page. You can find the 'Edit' link to the top right side of the article, between title and download. I've synced and updated this page accordingly, so this advice goes for any future article you might want to contribute to the site.

Flamboyant152011-11-04 21:07
Ok mate it's fixed. ;)

Group Stam2011-11-04 20:22
There were no screenshots, just links pointing to imageshack homepage mate. Please feel free to edit the page to insert the screenshot codes properly.

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