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Beginners Resource Pack for FM13 tactics

A collection of helpful printable sheets on tactics, formations, shouts, opposition instructions as well as tools to help you diagnose tactical problems.
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Beginners Resource Pack for FM13 tactics
Originally posted on and created by Push Them Wide, Football Manager tactics blog.

  • "This is a great guide for more experienced players also to open their eyes and not to make the game too complicated. I don’t count myself as a beginner or a great tactician but something between and this helped me a lot"
  • - Michael, PTW reader
  • "Really great resource"
  • - Ian, PTW reader
  • "Genius"
  • - Caleyjag, Supports FM owner
  • "Great idea"
  • - Cleon, tactics expert and moderator at SIGames
  • "This taught me a heck of a lot"
  • - Rico, admin at TheAwayStand

There is a lot of false information around on the scene about tactics and often the real sources of quality knowledge are hard to read or require a bit of time. We tried to solve that problem here by providing help on common tactical terms, formations, shouts, OIs, attacking and defending, in the form of concise, printable sheets of info. The pack also contains two tactics troubleshooters that will help you diagnose where you are going wrong.

pushWriter at, covering Football Manager tactics, training and management tips.


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