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Football Manager 2014 Patch 14.1.3

This is the 1st FM14 hot-fix update for the final retail version which addresses a few issues and crashes.
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Football Manager 2014 Patch 14.1.3
Sports Interactive released the first hot-fix update for Football Manager 2014 final retail version via Steam.

To update you will need to close the game down and re-launch for it to update. If this does not work for you or you feel it has not updated you will need to restart Steam.

Even if that doesn't do the trick, then verify the game cache will.

Released: 1 November 2013

Once updated the version number will be 14.1.3.

As with all hot-fix updates:
  • It is save game compatible allowing you to continue your current save game.
  • There are no database changes, if you start a new game the database number will be either 14.0.0.

You'll find complete changelog below.

Match v1427
- Improved player rating system
- Improved use of subs in FMC match plans

- Fixed lag/crash in the Steam Workshop with lots of custom graphics installed
- Fixed crash launching game when user has removed public documents folder
- Fixed match viewer graphical corruption on some non-English language Linux systems

- Tuned AI opening offers & negotiations

In-Game Editor
- Fixed text bleeds in some non-English currencies
- Fixed club finance values resetting in some non-English currencies

Standalone Editor
- Fixed player data tabs when editing multiple players

- Fixed some incorrectly set Norwegian wages
- Fixed some international records not displaying

- Stopped Paul Robinson being bitten by his pet dog

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Discussion on "Football Manager 2014 Patch 14.1.3"

omiddaval2013-12-23 09:08
i cant win games fm 14 for what? evry tactic is loos and evry games

omiddaval2013-12-23 08:49
i cant download

L802013-11-07 16:01
With your insider knowledge have you any indication when the defending bug will be fixed?
Which came about once 14.1.3 was released.

Evo2013-11-06 23:54
@sean, the activation code for the full version was in the same email for the beta download.

dermaister2013-11-06 12:07
Hello. I made ​​the purchase of FM 14 yesterday with Nexway but I have not received the activation code and even response to emails that I sent to know how long it takes. Yet the transaction from my credit card has been successfully completed. What should I do?

Group Stam2013-11-03 03:16
@ricardao2014: If you bought the game from our store, I can definitely help you and ask from our distributor (Nexway) to resend you the code. Otherwise, I can't really help.

ricardao20142013-11-02 16:26
hello, I lost my key and wanted to reinstall to have version 14.1.3, you have solution?

louis_01032013-11-02 12:27
This worked for me:

Because I pre-ordered the game, I had to activate the final version of FM 14 again with the final activation code.

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