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Dynamic Video Adboards v1.6 for FM 2017

Top 50 European Clubs HD Video real life adboards for FM17 created by Jeff Roberts.

By on May 10, 2017   May 29, 2017   12969 views   62 comments
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Downloads: 2092 / Size: 479.0 MB / Added: 2017-05-10
FM 2017 Misc Graphics - Dynamic Video Adboards v1.6 for FM 2017
Change those default video boards for these real life boards superbly created by Jeff Roberts
Dynamic Adboards 1.6 covers the Top 50 European Clubs. Config file included.
Very easy to install, instructions are included and are easy to follow folks.

V 1.6 Boards, config and pack made by Jeff Roberts

These adboards are for Clubs ONLY!

Even though adboards for all Prem teams and other leagues are included some will not have HD Video Boards in the game.
This is due to the fact that certain stadiums are not classed as good enough to have video boards instead the static adboards will show at these grounds (Crystal Palace, Bournemouth and Stoke for example).

Update packs will be added when available.

Top 50 club teams from:
Premier League(updated Spurs, Arsenal, Liverpool adboards)
Scotland Old Firm (Celtic & Rangers)
Spanish Laliga
as well as top European teams such as Zenit St Petersberg, Anderlecht and more

DOWNLOAD HERE (Use Chrome or Firefox to download)with corrected Bundesliga!JrAjnZhL!C0dkamFrZ_cE60673GT97Ya-SktnodtkZt88rivDHBs

This will work with the FM16 adboard patch installed.
If you do not have it download it first from here:

V1.6 Boards, config and pack made by Jeff Roberts

Adboards FM17 Preview

Download Now
Downloads: 2092 / Size: 479.0 MB / Added: 2017-05-10

Discussion: Dynamic Video Adboards v1.6 for FM 2017

62 comments have been posted so far.

  •'s avatar
    Hello. I can't seem to install these. I downloaded the files, and followed the instructions. Still, when I load up the game, the defauld adboards still show up instead of this ones. What can I do?
  • johs95's avatar
    Hi. Thanks for the good work!
    I've got this pack installed as well: Is there a way to set it, so the game know when is Champions League/Europa League instead of a league game? So you can see the Champions/Europa League ads?
  • kolarov84's avatar
    use only your dynamic adboards (not fm16 adboard patch) but when you play a friendly game some adboard are white
  • jroberts's avatar
    No idea what the skin is - I just make the video adboards
    Kolarov - can you be more specific? Which boards are not working? If they are from the FM16 adpack you will need to ask them. We only added to their existing .xml
  • can_9's avatar
    what is this skin ?
  • kolarov84's avatar
    Thanks Jeff, but some adboards (I refer basics adboards) are white
  • jroberts's avatar
    All corrected and uploaded again.
  • jroberts's avatar
    Doddo04 - Thanks I will fix tonight. I didn't put together the Bundesliga pack but whoever did made a right mess of it
    kolarov84 - I have corrected .xml file and will upload again shortly
  • kolarov84's avatar
    I put the files where indicated, but when I start the game comes out xml parsing error
  • Doddo04's avatar
    Hi Jeff thanks for the Update but i must say that adidas are no longer is sponsor from Bayer Leverkusen and from the VFL Wolfsburg
    Leverkusen are now by Jako and Wolfsburg by Nike can you Change the adidas LEDS of this Teams?
  • jroberts's avatar
    Yes they will work without FM16 adboards
  • kolarov84's avatar
    Hi Jeff!! Dynamic adboard It also works without FM16 adboards patch?
  • jroberts's avatar
    Hi Infiltrator, yeah you were correct. Looks like some issue with both .xml and folders for the Bundesliga. I have corrected and will up load new ger folder and updated .xml
  • Infiltrator's avatar
    I have a save running with Bayern Leverkusen but the adboards doesn't work, only with games in own stadium, did i something wrong?
  • jroberts's avatar
    It' pink right? I've just checked the pack and it definitely pink now, not white
  • Doddo04's avatar
    Thanks Jeff for the Info do you plan a update for the Bayern Munich Teleckom ones?
  • jroberts's avatar
    Doddo04, I have done some for Champions League and Europa League but there is no .xml for them. Rabcp released a pack a couple of weeks ago with a .xml. Problem is you have to swap the .xml files around depending on what you want, Club or competition. Can't have both in one .xml file as it does not work
  • jeff44's avatar
    Nice work Jeff Roberts
  • Doddo04's avatar
    GreatWork Jeff do you make Championsleague and Europa League Videoadboards too? Or can we put the ones fom rabcp in
  • troy's avatar
    Again the WOW is going in Denmark :)
    Big Thanks J
  • Haqriz Thaqqirose's avatar
    where's the instructions?
  • Doddo04's avatar
    Great news Jroberts
  • jroberts's avatar
    New boards are finished that cover the Top 50 teams in Europe, and a few odds and ends that have been requested. Some EPL ones have also been re-done to make them look better. All up, more than 30 new adboards for clubs. Next step is to do the .xml file and get them out for testing, just so we can find what cockups I made. Hope to have them out in the next week or so.
  • mike1906's avatar
    thanks jeff44
  • jeff44's avatar
    mike1906 news ones are being made by Jeff Roberts & Rbcp here is a link to the page

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