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Football Manager 2017 Real Names License Fix

Daniel's FM17 real names fix. Fix fake name of competitions, clubs and awards with their real names in Football Manager 2017. Fix works with your current saves.

By on Oct 19, 2016   Nov 20, 2016   267865 views   143 comments
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Downloads: 92169 / Size: 103.0 kB / Added: 2016-10-19
Football Manager 2017 Data Updates - Football Manager 2017 Real Names License Fix
Welcome to Daniel's Real Names License Fix for Football Manager 2017.
You don't have to start a new saved-game for this to work, except for Brazilian clubs. Will explain that later.
Support for ALL languages.


This is an absolute essential add-on for your game. Due to licensing issues, there are certain clubs and competitions having a fake name. With this add-on you can fix that and enjoy FM 17 with real names.

Last Updated: 20 November 2016 - More corrections

FM17 Real Names Corrected

  • All playable clubs names from all continents
  • All major leagues names
  • All non-playable Europe Top Leagues club names
  • Almost all minor leagues names
  • All Continental, National and National Cups names

Why Brazilian teams have 3-letter names and how to fix that?
If you started a save before applying this fix, Brazilian clubs will have a 3-letter name (e.g. AMG instead of América Mineiro). Even though Brazilian names are fixed in our files, the game will continue to show the 3-letter name instead of the full name. That is due to certain dbc files that affect them when you save your game for the first time.
You need to start a new save AFTER applying this fix, for Brazilian team names to be correct.

FM 2017 Name Fix Preview

Daniel (original author of this creative) has been unreachable since FM15, so I have taken over the difficult task of keeping this project up to date and enable you to use this brilliant license fix with FM 2017.

If you find some error in translation/names or need a fix for other club/league/competition name, please send a comment below and I'll try my best to update these files.

How to fix fake club and competition names in FM17

  1. Quit the game.

  2. Find the "1710" folder.
    \Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Football Manager 2017\data\db\1710\
    /Library/Application Support/Steam/steamapps/common/Football Manager 2017/data/db/1710/

  3. Open the "lnc" folder and then enter the "all" sub-folder. It will look like this:

  4. Delete the following 3 files:
    • fake.lnc
    • lic_dan_swe_fra.lnc
    • nleague.lnc

  5. Place "Daniel FM17 Fix.lnc" and "Daniel FM17 Club Names.lnc" inside this folder, so it will look like this:

  6. Go 2 folders back to find the "edt" folder. Open it and then enter the "permanent" sub-folder. It will look like this:

  7. Delete the highlighted file "fake.edt".
    This will fix Danny Blind from getting renamed to Jan Jansen.

  8. Again go 2 folders back, this time to find the "dbc" folder. Open it and then enter the "permanent" sub-folder. It will look like this:

  9. Delete the 3 highlighted files:
    • brazil_kits.dbc
    • forbidden names.dbc
    • Licensing2.dbc
    This will prevent Brazilian clubs from reverting to 3-letter names and will allow certain kits to be visible again.

  10. Update November 14th: New patch 17.1.2 added a new folder "1712" and you need to follow the same steps above for this folder as well if you'll be starting a new save with this patch.

  11. Open Football Manager 2017 and enjoy real names.

Please note that when you try to start a new save, you will still see wrong names for 3 Spanish clubs during the career setup, but once you select club and actually start playing, the names will be correct.

Where is Application Support folder on Mac OS X

Mac users who have trouble locating their Application Support folder, please follow these steps:

Open the "Go to Folder" menu

Enter the path of the Application Support folder

Copy the following path and paste it into the "Go to Folder" input field.

~/Library/Application Support

Finally click "Go" to go to the folder.

Download Now
Downloads: 92169 / Size: 103.0 kB / Added: 2016-10-19
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About Stam

I started FM Scout for fun in the distant 2004. I'm proud of how this place has grown into a vibrant community and I try my best to improve it every year. Husband and father of one.

Discussion: Football Manager 2017 Real Names License Fix

143 comments have been posted so far.

  • LeozinhoI's avatar
    Hey Stam, isn't working on 17.2.1 anymore, even if i get it back to the 17.1 :/.
  • sl1234's avatar
    Czech ligue is not Synot Liga anymore it is liga
  • Robinho77's avatar
    Cannot get this working
  • ahmedsalahais's avatar
    Wow, this is great, thanks !!
  • Dunul's avatar
    Anyway that I can avoid start a new save AND get full Brazilian club names?
  • TheCed's avatar
    Which one's better? Or more complete? Sortitoutsi's or this one?
  • MAS-FM's avatar
    It worked thankfully :-)
  • Patje!'s avatar
    Is it possible to use this real names fix in Football Manager Touch 2017?
  • Rory's avatar
    Also, can you remove "Calcio" or "FC" from every Italian club name....none of them have those in their names in real life. e.g. Cagliari is just that on it's own, not Cagliari Calcio
  • cafimartins's avatar
    Ive done everything, 1710 and 1712 - Deleted what i had to and put the 2 fixes there.

    Im with Benfica, and another thing that ive noticed is that in the player´s history, he only has this season, is this a bug from this pack or a game feature?
  • peterparker621's avatar
    I have followed the process step by step, and cheked it twice, but nothing have changed in the game. What can I do?
  • TomAlexDias's avatar
    The Brazilian clubs keep apearing with 3 letters. Can you help me, @Stam?
  • AMHA9 United's avatar
    The Norwegian 2nd Division changed their name to PostNord-ligaen for the 2016 season. The Norwegian 1st Division changed their name to OBOS-ligaen for the 2016 season. The Norwegian Premier Division are going to change name from Tippeligaen to Eliteserien for the 2017 season.
  • cwaikien's avatar
    great help stam
  • Stam's avatar
    @kngaman: You need to start playing the game and move away from game setup to see the proper names. And make sure you apply the fix to the 1710 folder and then to the 1712 folder.

    @Derangedseagull: You need to apply the fix to the 1710 folder as showcased above, as this is the main database folder for new saves (yes, even after 17.2 patch). And then to 1712.

    @JmG88: Yes, you need to actually start playing the game.

    @cwaikien: Choose a logo pack from our download area and follow the instructions. My personal recommendation: Standard Logos Megapack

    @Haqriz: Of course.
  • kngaman's avatar
    I did everything I was told and only some teams got fixed but osasuna betis and a couple more didnt get fixed like in the previews. Please help me fix this. Also the Brazilian teams didnt get fixed and the German team is still broken
  • Derangedseagull's avatar
    I have just followed all the steps, and it hasn't worked. My questions are these, do have to follow the steps for all the files?1700,1701, 1710 etc?and if so do I put the downloaded fix in all the files? if not any idea why it hasn't worked?
  • JmG88's avatar
    @Stam just remembered that it will only fix German national team after new game started.. I think
  • cwaikien's avatar
    hey Stam thanks for this update. work well on my PC ! however, any patches i can use to change their badge and logos ?
  • Haqriz Thaqqirose's avatar
    will it work in fm17 on steam ?
  • Stam's avatar
    @RJO1377: In theory, yes. I haven't installed FM Touch to test it though. The folders should be different as it's a standalone game. I'll try it tomorrow once I'm back home.

    @mesut_ozil11: If you are on Mac, read my reply to Hammernr7 below.

    @sudeepdinakar @JmG88: Yes, it should bring back real players to the German national team.

    @Hammernr7: The CD is useless even for those who have it anyway. Everyone with a legal copy is essentially downloading and installing the game via Steam.
    You probably won't find the folder by searching because it's a hidden one. But following the instructions for the Finder app should get you inside that folder. Alternatively, go on the Steam app, then Library, right-click on FM17 and select Properties. Then go to the Local Files tab and click on Browse Local Files... button. It should open the FM17 installation folder.
  • RJO1377's avatar
    Is it possible to apply license fix on FM Touch 2017 (PC version)?
  • mesut_ozil11's avatar
    i can't find all the files when i go to the file of football manager 2017.
    i find only editor data or db setups and i can't find anything...
    i need to download the real names license fix and then i'll find all the files? and i use real football manager 2017 and i bought it from steam.
  • JmG88's avatar
    As below, It doesn't seem to fix the German national team... any idea if we need to delete the 'Germany' file on one of those folders?
  • sudeepdinakar's avatar
    Does this work for the German National team and leagues with the new update ? Doesn't seem to be.

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