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FM Genie Scout 10

v1.11 out on 31 Mar 2010
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The popular, one and only savegame compatible scout utility returns for Football Manager 2010. As promised, we have exclusively released the most anticipated utility for FM 2010.

Updated: 31 Mar 2010 v1.11 build 116
Released: 10 Nov 2009 RC 1 build 110

Compatible with: Windows XP, Vista, 7 and FM 10.0, 10.1, 10.2, 10.3
Note: Since RC 2 there is support for compressed save games!

Donate to get the "no ads" version
Since v1.0 Genie Scout comes in two versions. One with ads and one with no ads. In order to get the "no ads" one you'll have to donate to Eugene first, using the donation form on Genie homepage here.
Important: FM Scout (the site) is not involved in the donations towards Eugene, neither has any responsibility delivering the ad-free version to you after donation. This is a process handled solely by Eugene himself, so it could take some time until your donation is processed.

How to run:
* Download the zipped archive and extract it anywhere.
* You'll get a folder named "FM Genie Scout 10". Open it.
* Double click on FMGenieScout.exe
* Load your savegame... you don't need to have FM open of course.
That's it! No frameworks required.

If you're using RC1, your savegame needs to be uncompressed to load in Genie.
So, while you are in FM, make sure you un-tick "Compress Save Games" in Preferences page and hit Confirm. After that, save your game again. Now you are ready to load it up on FM Genie Scout 10!

Does it work for Mac?
Mac users check out this article by macooz: Fm Genie Scout for Mac with CrossOver.

Thanks to wizard for letting us know, you can get make your Genie Scout work without the crashing/freezing issues if you update Flash Player, or just do what wizard says.
* Take a look at the Issues with v1.11 topic for more details.

If errors still appear, please take the following actions:
* Upload your save game with the problem somewhere (e.g. FileFront)
* Make a post on this forum section, explaining your problem and giving a link to your save game

If you don't provide your problematic savegame, it's unlikely that Eugene will able to fix the problem.

Languages included:
- Chinese Simple - English - French - Italian - Portuguese - Russian - Spanish - Swedish - Ukrainian - Turkish (RC 2)

Redistribution Policy: People who want to put this on their sites, be polite and give link back to the official FM Genie Scout page here on

Thanks to Eugene Tarabanovsky for staying around and updating his amazing scout utility for FM 2010.

* v1.11
- Fixed loading errors
- Added 10.3 patch support
- Fixed few insignificant errors
* v1.0
- Added ability to search within shortlist
- Adjusted rating and feet bonus coefficients
- Updated tactical formations list
- Fixed 'Cannot allocate the DIB handle' error and more loading bugs
* RC 2
- Added support of compressed save games
- Rating calculation profile was made from scratch according to the new FM tendencies
- Potential ability calculation algorithm was modified, now it's more complex and more accurate (PA that can reach player depends on his age, position, ambition, professionalism and determination)
- Added progress rate of player that represents how fast player will develop in standard conditions
* RC 1
- The scout is slightly rebranded changed FM Genie Scout 2010 (XE) to just FM Genie Scout 10.
- Staff training rating system was adjusted to a ten-point system.

pushI speak my mind and I speak the truth. FM Scout is my brainchild and I try to make it a better place every year. I consider myself a lucky man for being able to turn this website into an engaging and vibrant community.


Discussion on "FM Genie Scout 10"

VolSh0ck2009-11-12 11:48
wonderfull :ave

works 100% !!:beer

Group Stam2009-11-11 22:42
Nice one mate! Update both this page and forum post with acknowledgements with your blog guide.

macooz2009-11-11 22:16
Now I written a blog with instructions for MAC-Users!

mcjooseppi2009-11-11 14:12
error loading entity number 1457
file position 16817562
database version 1356
contract data seems to be corrupt, make sure your version of the Fm
genie scout 10 is the latest
contract type 70

Group Stam2009-11-11 12:55
macooz, could you please write a quick guide how you made it work on Mac? You could write it as a blog here:

macooz2009-11-11 12:31

FM Genie Scout 2010 WORKS for MAC IF you use CrossOver (i guess Wine would work as well). Post me if you have any questions!

Superb work with FM Genie Scout!

HZ912009-11-11 10:27
I have a problem when trying to load a game in FM Genie Scout 2010. It says:

Error Loading Entity Number: 5
File Position: 88488834
Database Version: 1356
Data file seems to be corrupt. Wanted to read 270533128 bytes, could only read 74149944 bytes.

Anyone with the same problem? :/

demonref2009-11-11 10:07
I cant seem to load a saved games. Im using windows 7 ultimate 64 and half way during loading fm genie scout freezes, when I click the fm genie scout window it says "not responding". Will this be fixed in the new version. Pls. I want this so much! Thanks

CommandoRick2009-11-11 10:01
Damn, this doesnt work with the steam version:cry

This program is always top notch though so thanks in advance. I just hope the steam issue gets sorted out sooner rather than later

kraex2009-11-11 04:05
I saved one of my earlier games uncompressed and the scout worked fine, so I'm guessing it's something with that save game, something that hasn't been seen yet.

uploaded here:

kraex2009-11-11 03:49
Getting an error after saving uncompressed.

FM Genie Scout 10 RC1
Using FM2010 through Steam

Error Loading Entity Number: 2440
File Position: 20792562
Fatabase Version: 1356
Contract data seems to be corrupt, make sure your version of the FM Genie Scout 10 is the latest!
Contract Type: 255.

ousmal2009-11-11 00:57
THANK YOU SO MUST :satisfied

GenieScout is my assistant

rizmanz2009-11-11 00:08
thanks a lot Eugene:satisfied genie scout is d best...

slothzen2009-11-10 23:21
Is this working for anyone?

Wonderfull2009-11-10 21:40
Thanks for putting your time and effort into creating a genie scout once again, awesome

anden_ark2009-11-10 20:24
What about the mac version ? :)

sodasys2009-11-10 19:54
thanks :lol:lol

thegreyham2009-11-10 19:27
okay uploading now, will post on the forum link then. thanks

Group Stam2009-11-10 19:26
You need to un-tick "Compress Save Games" in Preferences page and hit Confirm. After that, save your game again. Then load it up in Genie.

If error persists, please take the following actions:
* Upload your save game with the problem somewhere (FileFront, RapidShare, etc)
* Make a post on this forum section, explaining your problem and giving a link to your save game

thegreyham2009-11-10 19:22
i have downloaded, not a problem but when i try to load my game i'm getting an error. i have unticked the compress save file, i have used genie since 2008.
error loading entity number: 921

any one else having same problem

piiiren2009-11-10 19:17
ok, thanks!!:D

Group Stam2009-11-10 19:16
Download link is at the top of page of course. by the way, I just changed it to a FileFront mirror, thanks to Alex for uploading it for me.

piiiren2009-11-10 19:15
where is the download link??

mnogueira2009-11-10 19:07

Group Stam2009-11-10 19:06
If someone is kind enough to upload it to FileFront and give me the link, I'll add it as alternative on this page. My internet connection doesn't allow me to upload anything at the moment.

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