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FM Genie Scout 10

v1.11 out on 31 Mar 2010
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The popular, one and only savegame compatible scout utility returns for Football Manager 2010. As promised, we have exclusively released the most anticipated utility for FM 2010.

Updated: 31 Mar 2010 v1.11 build 116
Released: 10 Nov 2009 RC 1 build 110

Compatible with: Windows XP, Vista, 7 and FM 10.0, 10.1, 10.2, 10.3
Note: Since RC 2 there is support for compressed save games!

Donate to get the "no ads" version
Since v1.0 Genie Scout comes in two versions. One with ads and one with no ads. In order to get the "no ads" one you'll have to donate to Eugene first, using the donation form on Genie homepage here.
Important: FM Scout (the site) is not involved in the donations towards Eugene, neither has any responsibility delivering the ad-free version to you after donation. This is a process handled solely by Eugene himself, so it could take some time until your donation is processed.

How to run:
* Download the zipped archive and extract it anywhere.
* You'll get a folder named "FM Genie Scout 10". Open it.
* Double click on FMGenieScout.exe
* Load your savegame... you don't need to have FM open of course.
That's it! No frameworks required.

If you're using RC1, your savegame needs to be uncompressed to load in Genie.
So, while you are in FM, make sure you un-tick "Compress Save Games" in Preferences page and hit Confirm. After that, save your game again. Now you are ready to load it up on FM Genie Scout 10!

Does it work for Mac?
Mac users check out this article by macooz: Fm Genie Scout for Mac with CrossOver.

Thanks to wizard for letting us know, you can get make your Genie Scout work without the crashing/freezing issues if you update Flash Player, or just do what wizard says.
* Take a look at the Issues with v1.11 topic for more details.

If errors still appear, please take the following actions:
* Upload your save game with the problem somewhere (e.g. FileFront)
* Make a post on this forum section, explaining your problem and giving a link to your save game

If you don't provide your problematic savegame, it's unlikely that Eugene will able to fix the problem.

Languages included:
- Chinese Simple - English - French - Italian - Portuguese - Russian - Spanish - Swedish - Ukrainian - Turkish (RC 2)

Redistribution Policy: People who want to put this on their sites, be polite and give link back to the official FM Genie Scout page here on

Thanks to Eugene Tarabanovsky for staying around and updating his amazing scout utility for FM 2010.

* v1.11
- Fixed loading errors
- Added 10.3 patch support
- Fixed few insignificant errors
* v1.0
- Added ability to search within shortlist
- Adjusted rating and feet bonus coefficients
- Updated tactical formations list
- Fixed 'Cannot allocate the DIB handle' error and more loading bugs
* RC 2
- Added support of compressed save games
- Rating calculation profile was made from scratch according to the new FM tendencies
- Potential ability calculation algorithm was modified, now it's more complex and more accurate (PA that can reach player depends on his age, position, ambition, professionalism and determination)
- Added progress rate of player that represents how fast player will develop in standard conditions
* RC 1
- The scout is slightly rebranded changed FM Genie Scout 2010 (XE) to just FM Genie Scout 10.
- Staff training rating system was adjusted to a ten-point system.

pushI speak my mind and I speak the truth. FM Scout is my brainchild and I try to make it a better place every year. I consider myself a lucky man for being able to turn this website into an engaging and vibrant community.


Discussion on "FM Genie Scout 10"

gol2010-03-31 20:16
1001 thanks :zito:zito

johnnykou212010-03-31 17:58
ok tsekare kai perimeno apantisi...oxi tpt allo thelo na arxiso kainourgio paixnidi kai perimeno auto!!

ruzzo902010-03-31 15:16
v1.11 working great.

Windows 7 x64

Group Stam2010-03-31 15:01
profanws de kaneis kati la8os esu, alla eipa mipws voi8ouse auto epeidi voi8ise kapoion allo. to xw pei ston eugene idi, alla 8a ton eidopoiisw pali to vradu me sugkentrwtika provlimata tis v1.11

johnnykou212010-03-31 14:06
loipon ekana update ta windows an kai den ithela gt eixa kanei tora prosfata,ekana omos kai update kai to java kai to quicktime opos anaferetai se ena topic pou diavasa me sena kai tpt!! den xero ti kano lathos kai den katalavaino pos paizei i proigoumeni ekdosi kai oxi auti

Group Stam2010-03-31 13:10
trekse ena windows update k pes mou meta to restart an voi8ise

johnnykou212010-03-31 12:34
vre paidia exo vista kai pali exei provlima,mou leei oti i efarmogi stamatise na leitourgei kai psaxnei gia luseis! einai dunaton na paizo mia xara to fm scout gia tin 10.2 ekdosi kai kai auto na min mporei kan na anoixei?? eleos!!!

thrylos772010-03-31 11:31
I don't have any problem with XP SP3.
Thank you very much!!!!


fazendas2010-03-31 11:02
Same problem here. Using XP SP2.

kev092010-03-31 10:56
doesnt start it at all stam

Group Stam2010-03-31 10:54
doesn't start the Scout at all or you get a loading error while loading a save game?

hione4ik2010-03-31 10:54
ай да Женя, ай да... красавчеГ
СПАСИБО русский ты человек!!!
как пиво передать????:beer

kev092010-03-31 10:48
downloaded the new 1 but still doesnt load...doesnt latter cheers anyways mate

8Ballism2010-03-31 10:15
What qualifies as 'lunch time'?

kraex2010-03-30 18:49
Works great, thanks.

dijon2010-03-30 15:03
ok. but i can only use the one compatible with 10.3. this sux why can't it load :devil

kev092010-03-30 12:11
just downloaded a few of them suc as rc 1 and 2 the v1.1 is the 1 i couldnt get to load

hope it works for you man

dijon2010-03-30 10:50
Kev09 how did you get it to load??

mascherdinho2010-03-30 10:00
Hi there,

I seem to be having the same problem as mentioned above.
"Error Loading Entity Number: 30
File Position: 13577827
Database Version: 1404
Person Data seems to be corrupt."

Tried running some older savegames with patch 1&2 and they seem to be working fine with the latest geniescout. Have not tampered with the gamedata by using the real time editor or anything else but patch 3 versions will just not run with the new geniescout.

Hope it can all be sorted soon. Appreciate it!


DaggerPaul2010-03-30 08:25
Also have the same problem.

Error Loading Entity Number: 30
File Position: 13577827
Database Version: 1404
Person Data seems to be corrupt.


kev092010-03-29 17:17
what does t mean by unknown Database Version: 1404

bidzapfc2010-03-29 17:11
same problem here
imam osećaj da ovaj Genie nije ništa radio od kako je izašao 10.3 i sinoć uhvatio da se zeza na framework-u i izbacio ovu glupost... kao kompatibilna je sa 10.3 ali ne sa novim igrama!?! zaboga... mislim poštovanje za to što ima druga posla, i za sve što je do sada uradio... ali brate!!! ili ga uradi lepo ili ne izbacuj ništa... respekt :beer

chintaf2010-03-29 16:49
It works on my old save game but when I try to load my latest game that I started on 10.3 I get the error message:

Error Loading Entity Number: 15
File Position: 14952629
Database Version: 1404
Person Data seems to be corrupt.

kev092010-03-29 16:34
sorry about the double post got it working thanks mate

kev092010-03-29 16:22
dijon it wont load for me either... is anybody able to help me

also well done to eugene

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