FM Genie Scout 2007

The one and only scout utility for Football Manager 2007. Last version released on 23 September 2007.

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The first and only scout utility for Windows released for FM 2007.

Updated: 23 September 2007 - v1.00 build 78

Compatibility and Localization:
  • Compatible with 7.0.2 and Windows Vista.
  • Localized in Chinese Simplified, English, French, Italian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Ukrainian.

How to run:
  • Unzip the FM Genie Scout 2007 folder.
  • Run the exe file you will find inside it.
No installation needed.

  • Name quick search function (close to FM) has been added - useful when you have to find a certain player you know.
  • Questionnaire is removed and replaced by 'report bug' and 'request feature' functions.
  • The rating system was replenished (so that the more important attribute is to the player's position, the more value it has in the rating calculation).
  • Another coefficient was added, so that the number of players with great rating percents is approximately equal on all positions (in contrast with the previous versions, where strikers and AM's almost always had better numbers). That way, you can now find cheaper players much easier.

This software is created by Eugene Tarabanovskyi and is based on CM Scout v3.10 of Michael Nygreen.
Thank you Eugene!! :D

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This page has been *silently* updated on 19 Oct 2010 with a new working download link.

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Downloads: 184774 / Size: 2.1 MB / Added: 2006-16-10

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