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FM Modifier for FM2008

FMM 2.25 (Released on 2 March 2008)
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FM Modifier for FM2008
FM Modifier is a popular save game editor that lets you change finances, stadiums, kits, players, heal injuries, contracts and lots more with ease, while the game is loaded.

Go cheat your way to the top!

How to install FM Modifier:
1. Begin installation of the program by running the .exe file
2. Follow the instructions until it is completed

How to use FM Modifier:
1. Open FM2008 and load your game
2. Open FM Modifier and click Load
- Added 'Current in game' button; load data as you open in game

Player Scoreboard
PSB or Player Scoreboard is an additional tool for FMM added in the latest 2.25 version. Put it in the same directory where FMM is installed. Open it after the game has started. Aero Glass window mode is suggested if you are running under Vista.

Known working keyboard shortcuts:
Ctrl + B go browse pool
Ctrl + F go searching box
Ctrl + L list menu
Ctrl + O option menu
Ctrl + Q quit
Ctrl + R loading data
Ctrl + S save
F1...F7 switch in pages

This software is created by Jpee and released by UndergroundFC. Thank you Jpee!! :D


FM 2008 versions
Please note that the current version (2.25) is compatible with 8.0.0, 8.0.1 beta, 8.0.1, 8.0.2 (including updated patch 8.0.2 version released on the 20th of February), 8.0.0 Korean, 8.0.1 Korean, WSM 8.0.0 Digital Download, WSM 8.0.1 Digital Download and WSM 8.0.2 Digital Download.

It should also be compatible with Windows Vista. When you are running under Vista, don't install to system volume (like C: ), but if you do you can try this:
- Right Click on the .exe file
- Go to Compatibility tab
- Enable 'Run as Administrator' option

Futebol Manager
As far as we know, it does not work with Futebol Manager version (at least yet).

I think there's a bug!

I get read data error id 1073, what can I do?
Look to the top right, find and click the triangle. You are into the Options now, so just change the version to FM 8.0.2.

pushI speak my mind and I speak the truth. FM Scout is my brainchild and I try to make it a better place every year. I consider myself a lucky man for being able to turn this website into an engaging and vibrant community.


Discussion on "FM Modifier for FM2008"

krlharun202010-11-08 07:50
thank you .

googlem2009-08-10 20:29
when i change the version to fm 8.0.2,istill get the read data error,wht do i do?

RedArmy202009-07-10 18:37
Look to the top right, find and click the triangle. You are into the Options now, so just change the version to FM 8.0.2

triggafcb2009-07-10 04:33
i downloaded a version from cm frenzy, problem is that i dont think it accepts the 8.0.2. version of FM 2008

triggafcb2009-07-10 03:31
hmmm yeah, is it still available? because i just clicked the download link and a page pops up saying the file is not available for download. any idea where else i can find the download?

RedArmy202009-06-18 17:54
filefront removed our files :mad:

SamFombo922009-06-18 03:01
this is pissing me off where do i download it from?

eyeOcta2009-06-04 22:46

niall2009-05-04 21:12
just wonderin y aint it letting me download file from this site

teamsahh2009-03-24 13:47

greathootan2009-01-07 19:19
My problem was not one of the things said in this page. of course I have read here a lot of times carefully and posted my comments REDARMY my friend! it was the program installer which was damaged during movement of files and when I downloaded it again it started working :) TNX anyway for reading ppls comments and responding to them man. u r a good fella!

RedArmy202009-01-07 03:52
read again greathootan, it already says in this page about that error. read again and again until you find it because its THERE!

greathootan2009-01-07 02:28
I updated my FM2008 to 8.0.2 and make the program version to 8.0.2 also but it still gives me the error 1073 and im working with XP. anyone have suggestion to guide me?

RedArmy202008-10-01 08:23
to be honest i dont think it works with mac. i havent heard anyone who has got it working on mac. but then again not many use it.

Cookie_MonsteR2008-09-29 05:22
LOL! Thanx for the advise RedArmy20 man! :p
But I would prefer a more useful advise like how to make the modifier work with a mac.. :wink


RedArmy202008-09-29 02:33
no, mac sux mate, dont use mac. :)

Cookie_MonsteR2008-09-28 16:21
Anyone who knows how to use it with a mac?


RedArmy202008-09-03 00:45
just press save, bottom left i think.

georgepurnell2008-09-02 23:36
how do i save it?

RedArmy202008-08-07 00:24
you have to increase their CA and PA as well.

patrick4352008-08-06 23:38
why does mt player attributes decrease after a while

Group Stam2008-03-11 14:52
Start your FM game... then open the player scoreboard utility... and whatever player you view, it will give you all juicy details about him on the fly (such us current and potential ability etc).

ROYALS2008-03-07 20:37
i dont understand how i get the player scoreboard to work

sypher2008-01-15 07:26
its working with vista but there are few bugs i guess.
after you changed the skills of players they drop after a few games

chapperz2007-11-29 10:34
Replace the Chinese.txt file with the file in the archive you downloaded.
what is that aspose to mean? what file in the archive? how to you 'replace' it?

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