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FMC Stadium Superpack for FM13

This pack is for classic mode and challenge mode, it will show up on the team info screen, on the news screen, in the processing bar and on a matchday. The pack will also work in the full game with selected skins.
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FMC Stadium Superpack for FM13
This stadium super-pack is for classic mode (FMC) and challenge mode (part of FMC). Stadium pictures will show up on the team info screen, on the news screen, in the processing bar and on a match-day.

The main pack includes 869 current and future stadiums from the top divisions of 42 out of the 51 playable nations in Football Manager 2013.

The total number of stadiums with all updates applied should be 1512.

Updated: 30 November 2012 - update 2
Released: 5 November 2012 - main pack

The pack will also work in the full game with the skins:
  • FMC Skin For FM13: News Inbox Matchday Club Information, Processing Tab
  • OPZ Beam v5.1: Club Overview, Matchday
  • Steklo X3: Matchday, Club Overview, Club Information, News Inbox, Processing Tab

Click the big red download button to the top right of this page to grab the main pack. You need this first, before getting the updates listed below.


Update 1 : DOWNLOAD (57 MB)
Released on 14 November 2012

Update 1 adds 361 stadiums from 20 leagues bringing the total number of stadiums to 1230. Every playable nation now has at least the top division covered and some of the bigger nations now have more leagues added.

Credit to Jumberto and dsc2 for helping out with Liga Adelante and the Uruguayan leagues.

Update 2 : DOWNLOAD (46 MB)
Released on 30 November 2012

Update 2 adds all 286 International stadiums marked down for All/Major matches that weren't already in the Superpack and the first update and that even exist in the real world (there are a few). Also updated some future stadiums that have since been opened. The total number of stadiums with all updates applied should now be 1512.

What to do with the updates?
Extract to desktop, open the folder, highlight the contents and move them over to the stadium superpack folder, hit yes to replace all and you're good to go.


Stadium pictures included

Austria - Bundesliga, Erste Liga
Belarus - Vysshaya Liga
Belgium - Pro League
Bulgaria - ''A'' PFG
Croatia - 1. HNL
Czech Republic - Gambrinus Liga
Denmark - Superligaen
England - Premier League, Championship, League 1, League 2, Conference and Conference N/S
Finland - Veikkausliiga
France - Ligue 1, Ligue 2
Germany - Bundesliga, 2. Bundesliga, 3. Liga
Greece - Superleague
Hungary - OTP Bank Liga
Iceland - Úrvalsdeild
Israel - Ligat Winner
Italy - Serie A, Serie B
Netherlands - Eredivisie, Jupiler League
Northern Ireland - Premiership, Championship 1
Norway - Tippeligaen
Poland - Ekstraklasa
Portugal - Liga ZON SAGRES
Republic of Ireland - Premier Division, First Division
Romania - Liga I
Russia - Prem'er Liga
Scotland - Premier League, First Division, Second Division, Third Division
Serbia - SuperLiga
Slovakia - Corgon Liga
Slovenia - PrvaLiga
Spain - La Liga, Liga Adelante, Segunda B1-B4
Sweden - Allsvenskan
Switzerland - Super League
Turkey - Süper Lig
Ukraine - Premyer-Liha
Wales - Premier League

South America
Argentina - Primera División
Brazil - Brasileirão
Chile - Petrobras Primera
Colombia - Primera A
Peru - Copa Movistar
Uruguay - Primera División Profesional, Segunda División

North America
Mexico - Liga MX
United States - MLS

China - Super League, Jia League
Hong Kong - First Division
India - I-League
Indonesia - Super League
Malaysia - Liga Super
Singapore - S.League
South Korea - K-League

South Africa - ABSA Premiership

Australia - A-League

Installation instructions

Step 1

Extract downloaded file to a temporary folder.
In order to extract you will need either 7-Zip for Windows or The Unarchiver for Mac.

Step 2

Move the folder to:
Win Vista/7: C:\Users\<username>\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2013\graphics\
Win 2000/XP: C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\My Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2013\graphics\
Win 98/ME: C:\My Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2013\graphics\
Mac OS X: /Users/<username>/Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2013/graphics/

Create the folder "graphics" if it doesn't exist.

Step 3

Run Football Manager 2013 and go to: Preferences > Interface
Hit the "Clear Cache" button at the top, and then hit the "Reload Skin" button at the bottom.


Discussion on "FMC Stadium Superpack for FM13"

necjeff2014-09-20 16:02

Unfortunately this download isn't posted in the FM2014 section.
Works fine for FM2014 also.

JimReijnen2013-11-19 15:11
Does it work on FM2014?

mortybuzz2013-11-08 15:07
It look awesome =) =)

kundil2013-08-06 19:07

the download link for the main superpack stadium is invalid, file not found, could you help me with another worked link please?

i really want to use this stadium picture. look very nice for me


jorginio2013-05-24 11:24
Any stadium pack that would work with the Full Game mode??
This one is crashing the game cz it's only for the Challenge and Classic mode i guess

jorginio2013-05-16 13:38
Ok i got it.
thanx for the help :P
this site is dead!

jorginio2013-05-12 12:46
The link is working fine!
One question...after we copy the Superpack folder in Docs/UserName/graphics,then we copy the 2 updates folders inside the Superpack?
Or just the pics from inside the updates folders to to Superpack?
Hope i'm making sense and you see this.

staggie-man2013-04-01 18:10
hi how get them working done this Preferences > Interface
Hit the "Clear Cache" button at the top, and then hit the "Reload Skin" button at the bottom. still not working.

vilela19782013-02-27 05:15
The link is broken! I can't do the download! Please, up in a different site!

Ajzak_FCRS2013-02-13 12:11
Download doesn't work...

ryan_cushing2013-02-09 21:44
have i downloaded the superpack and both updates and put them in the a separate folder named stadiums in the graphics folder, but they dont seem to be in the game. has putting the download in the stadium folder affected them being in the game?

Emmet0982013-01-09 21:43
Doesn't work for me using steklo. Any help please

vladsofro2013-01-08 17:35
The link is not working mate. I tried it every day now in 2013.
You should find a new link and re-upload it.
If you can.
I have some pictures of stadiums from England 6th tier and 7th tier.
Looking for 8th tiers and 9th tier as well.

mabrol2012-12-29 11:29
It doesn't work for me. What am I doing wrong? I did all steps to install. All facepacks, kitspacks and logo packs are working fine for me

0v3rul32012-12-14 22:31
Can't download it, link is broken

lobbyrhino2012-12-11 11:46
hi whats the number for wembley pic no pic coming up m8

h_ramplou2012-12-10 13:31
apparement cela ne marche pas ou problème avec gamefront??


Milkman_962012-12-06 22:33
Great job once again with the second update!

Just one query- can I change the picture for my team's ground if I want to? At the moment, if I try to do this, the area where the picture would be appears blank.

Thanks for your help.

gongas2012-12-04 22:29
link off up again pls
thx :)

Group Stam2012-12-04 14:07
@xinamix: Works fine for me, try again mate.

xinamix2012-12-03 13:57
The link to download is breack up!!!!

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