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FMF Season Update & REAL RESULTS COMPLETE Update 03/08 over 76000 changes DB (Neymar included)

More Real results complete (an FM18 preview) , transfers for all over the world, new real players , over 200 players skill rated . Unlock real low level from Italy 6th level

By on Dec 05, 2016   Aug 04, 2017   83436 views   108 comments
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Downloads: 36676 / Added: 2016-12-05
Football Manager 2017 Data Updates - FMF Season Update & REAL RESULTS COMPLETE Update 03/08 over 76000 changes DB (Neymar included)
For an updated DB we announce the "FMF Season Update" a preview of FM18
This update includes over 76000 changes and is updated to August 3th
Select default database NOT 17.3 UPDATE

NB. To get the real results you must to select the country and have flagged in game the file in the data folder editor.
The departure date is May 2th selecting Iceland

Argentina, Spanish Liga Adelante and Turkey ended in June after the results for these championships are updated to 2/5 and then proceed randomly.
In all the other championships, all matches were anticipated on May 2, so that they ended on that date and had a conclusive situation.

We remember that Playoff Playouts and European/Leagues Cups are not replicable with the editor consequently it was recreated ONLY the regular season

Files are independent from each other, so it's up to you to decide if using only one of them rather than all.
Remember to cancel all the files included in editor data folder using the ones included in the pack

Available :

ITALY – Serie A / Serie B / Lega Pro (3 leagues) / Serie D (9 leagues)
ENGLAND – Premier League / Championship / League 1 / League 2
GERMANY – Bundesliga / 2.Bundesliga / 3.Liga
FRANCE – Ligue 1 / Ligue 2 / National
SPAIN – Liga Santander / Liga Adelante
NETHERLANDS – Eredivisie
ARGENTINA – Primera Division
SCOTLAND - Premiership
RUSSIA – Prem'er-Liga
BELGIUM - Jupiter League
TURKEY - Süper Lig
AUSTRIA – Fußball-Bundesliga


- Players/Staff members/Managers according to Trasfermarkt at 03/08
- Players contracts revisited (expiries, provisions) at 03/08

- Updated Brasilian fixtures started January 2017
- Over 550 players from around the world, born in 2000 and not in game
- Official January and July 2017 transfers have been revisited including rescissions and retirements
- Players' Skills and roles have been rectified
- Included double nationality to players from Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Colombia and Mexico


- Unlock Italian PROMOZIONE 6th level(53 leagues) with Playoff (no relegation)
- Unlock Italian ECCELLENZA 5th level(28 leagues) with Playoff and Playout (NO CUP)
- Unlock Italian SERIE D 4th (9 leagues) including "Poule scudetto" and "Coppa Italia"
- Implemented Italian Eccellenza rule that forces teams to use one Under 19 and two Under 18
- 9 substitutes in Italian Eccellenza / Promozione
- maximum 8 loaned players in Italians Serie D teams rule included
- Home and Away semi-final match included for "Coppa Italia Serie D"
- Included regional boundaries to prevent northern teams being inserted in suothern groups (and viceversa) after the second season is processed
- penalizations included
- All the rosters in "Lega Pro" and "Serie D" have been revisited and completed according to Transfermarkt
- Not in game Italian players who were born after September 2000 included


- New perspective wonderkids from all over the World have been created
- Shortlist divided by role over 400 Wonderkids



Select default database NOT 17.3 UPDATE

1 - File editor have to be EXTRACTED and COPIED here:

C:/Users/"user name"/Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2017/editor data*

1 - File shortlist have to be EXTRACTED and COPIED here:

C:/Users/"user name"/Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2017/shortlist*

* you have to create this folder if it doesn't exist, by paying attention to give it the right name (editor data)

2 - Run Football Manager 2017 and start new save with these database enabled (don't select USA)

Read before download.

An exclusive of FMFORUM.
All rights reserved.
Don't use files in other forums/sites/blogs. Contact the staff of FMF for any request.

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Downloads: 36676 / Added: 2016-12-05

Discussion: FMF Season Update & REAL RESULTS COMPLETE Update 03/08 over 76000 changes DB (Neymar included)

108 comments have been posted so far.

  • krispy83's avatar
    waiting for next update to start new season! lol
  • Scarface1732's avatar
    @Russ0 Portugal has only the Liga NOS as a real results, obviously promoting casual teams from the second division

  • Russ0's avatar
    Guys nice work on this update.. But on the Nos Liga ( Portugal ) have a mistake.. The 2 teams that are promoted to Nos Liga was Portimonense and Aves... In my save it was Academica and Gil Vicente...
  • Scarface1732's avatar
    Guys, for some obvious limitations of the editor and IA, there may be some problems with registering some extra UE players moving to the new season.
    If you should, please let us know so we can try to fix the problem

    thank you ;)
  • Scarface1732's avatar
    @spolve thanks for the report, we'll see it fix it with the next update.
  • spolve's avatar
    Hi, when i play with Fiorentina i can't register V.Hugo because is ExtraEU.
  • Scarface1732's avatar
    @Pixels when start a new game select default database not 17.3 update, is written in the topic ;)
  • Pixels's avatar
    Hey man, i installed this but when I tried to start a new game I can't select Italy as one of my nations. Says not enough teams
  • Scarface1732's avatar

    - download and unpack all files contained in the editor data folder (except shortlist folder) making sure that the only ones in the folder (other files might conflict)

    - create a new game by choosing the default database (not 17.3) flagged and selecting the nations (and season update) you are interested in from those in the pack

    - select Iceland so you can leave the date 2 May 2017 with the full real results

    Databases and all our work is set to begin in 2017

    These are the correct steps, obviously the original game is required
  • Kaerlekslemuren's avatar
    I can't start from May 2nd through Iceland?
  • butters's avatar
    @BGNDY Its harder to sell players because teams has already sign alot of players, transfer budget used. Keep in mind the database is per early August, meaning teams would havep robably signed new players for the new season.
  • Scarface1732's avatar
    @Bruno Pereira Iker Casillas it's a pleasure. I don't judge you for that, try to do the same ;)
  • Bruno Pereira Iker Casillas's avatar
    Really. Only with the original game!!! Thanks for nothing.
  • Scarface1732's avatar
    @zoltanlori thank you but they would not be compatible.
  • zoltanlori's avatar
    thanks for the quick response. I did the Campeonato Brasileiro Serie A and Austria Bundesliga. If you ask me, I'll send it. Advanced rules. For 2017-2018 year.
    I did this by making my English knowledge almost 0. :)
  • Scarface1732's avatar
    * to run the Benevento must win playout of Serie B (playoff not playout sorry XD)
  • Scarface1732's avatar
    @zoltanlori no possible sorry. There must be special conditions to be able to generate the new season's calendars, first of all the files must be in advanced mode while those (with the exception of the Italian file) are in normal mode. Also since it is not possible to simulate playoff and playout editing with the editor, random results should coincide with reality in order to run calendars.
    In the Italian file is included the calendar of the new season 2017/2018 of the Serie A (the only one that can be done), to run the Benevento must win playout of Serie B otherwise the calendar will be generated random
  • zoltanlori's avatar
    When will the 2017-2018 tournament be available? Eg. tournaments of the Portuguese championships? Thanks for the reply.
  • Scarface1732's avatar
    @Zenomorph for the real results you have to select the nation (flagged file and select the nation) that interests you beyond Iceland for starting May 2, 2017 and of course the game must be original
  • Zenomorph's avatar
    guys i have a problem (only real results) i have all the transfers and fixtures however the results are not real. all i need is for someone to make a save with manu dont buy anyone and simulate a year then send it to me thanks
  • Scarface1732's avatar
    @migle So it seems in my simulation yes, for the transfers already set (all not only Neymar) sometimes the game puts a percentage of the gain on the market budget sometimes puts it all in the club's general budget. That if you think about it is also what really happens, Squad do not always invest what they have earned.
    I noticed instead that if you transfer it with the official editor ingame, all the money transferred goes into the market budget .... Mystery XD
  • Migle's avatar
    @Scarface1732 so there are no changes on barcelona finances besides removing neymar salary?
  • Scarface1732's avatar
  • Scarface1732's avatar
    @BGNDY is your an original copy of the game?
  • Scarface1732's avatar
    @maorb200 probably all end up in the company's budget and not available for the market. It's a game thing

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