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Meet the members of our team

Our site ( has been online since January 2005. The FM Scout Team members have changed throughout the years, but one man remains the same since the very beginning; the one who created this place and still carries on strong. This page will always reflect the members who are currently active.

Stam The Founder

Stam First Name : Stam
Age : 28
Nationality : Hellas Hellas
Hobbies : LEGO, Basketball, Sea 'Sports', Video Games, Photography
Personality :
Optimist, creative, workaholic, never afraid to speak out his mind

Team Role : Leader - Ideas, Design, Coding, Content, Moderation, Maintenance
First CM/FM : CM 03-04


Eugene First Name : Eugene
Age : 27
Nationality : Ukraine Ukraine
Hobbies : Football, programming, piano, poker
Personality :
self-collected, always think twice before deciding, hates unexpected events

Team Role : Genie Scout author
First CM/FM : CM 01-02

RedArmy20 Super Admin

Hammad First Name : Hammad
Age : 22
Nationality : Sweden Sweden
Hobbies : Football, Astronomy, Ice Hockey, Gaming
Personality :
happy, sporty, complex thinker

Team Role : Admin - Content, Moderation
First CM/FM : CM 3 (99)

_Man_u_barmy_army_ Super Admin

Mark First Name : Mark
Age : 19
Nationality : England English
Hobbies : Procrastinating, Gaming, Playing Sports, traveling, and socialising with alcoholic beverages.
Personality :
Overthinker, Always willing to help, Care-free..ish

Team Role : Admin - Content, Moderation
First CM/FM : CM 03-04

sun_chris Moderator

Cristian First Name : Cristian
Age : 25
Nationality : Romania Romania
Hobbies : football, photography, video games, (sometimes) travel
Personality :
realist, level-headed, very competitive, crazy (if with the right crowd)

Team Role : Moderator - Content, Moderation
First CM/FM : CM 03-04

Evo Moderator

John First Name : John
Age : 24
Nationality : England England
Hobbies : Football, video games, reading, Googling to learn random new stuff
Personality :
genius and wise beyond his years, treat people the way you want to be treated

Team Role : Moderator - Ideas, Content, Moderation
First CM/FM : CM 96-97

joannes3000 Storyteller

Jon First Name : Jon
Age : 34
Nationality : Philippines Philippines
Hobbies : Football Manager, fantasy sports, spending time with my family :D
Personality :
I like to build and cultivate things, a bit obsessive/compulsive :D

Team Role : Moderator - Ideas, Content, Moderation
First CM/FM : FM 2009

l3nnart Storyteller

Johan First Name : Johan
Age : 18
Nationality : Sweden Sweden
Hobbies : ice hockey, football and just chillin' out with my boys
Personality :
sharp, student

Team Role : Moderator - Content, Moderation
First CM/FM : FM 2008