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Football Manager 2011 Summer Transfer Updates

All quality FM 2011 Summer Transfer Window Data Updates in one place
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Football Manager 2011 Summer Transfer Updates
The summer transfer window has been officially closed now, even though there are still a few more days left for the free agents to find a team for the season.
While we haven't created our own data update for this cause, we are glad to present you with all the quality data updates made around the scene.

Let's have a look at what they do and how you can apply them to your game...

The Updates

We are aware of 4 data updates which can be found on the official SI forums.
We will be updating this page with fresh download links as they become available.
And of course we will be adding new data updates in case we find some more quality efforts.

Metal Guitarist's Update - Download
This update by Metal Guitarist does not have CA/PA changes
Last update: 3 Sep - Official thread

Wally's Update - Download
This update by wally has CA/PA changes
Last update: 2 Sep - Official thread

Scott Pratt's Future Transfer Update - Download
This update by Scott Pratt should contain future transfers where players will move on the day they did in real life
Last update: 4 Sep - Official thread

LFCMarshall's Update - Download
This update by LFCMarshall has CA/PA changes
Last update: 3 Sep - Official thread

Sortitoutsi Update - Download
This update by TheMinsterman doesn't have CA/PA changes
Last update: 9 Sep - Official thread

How to Install

First you need to choose which update you want to go with, 1 of the 4 available data updates, and download it.
* Extract it if it's a .zip or .rar archive before moving to the next step below.

→ Place the downloaded file in
My Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2011/Editor Data
For MAC users, the path is
Macintosh HD/users/{your-username}/Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2011/editor data
Create the last folder if it doesn't exist.

→ Start a new game and when the database box pops up, click the 'change' button and tick the box next to the file you have chosen to go with.

Enjoy! :)

Made an update yourself and want to see it here?

Most important requirement is to release the update free for all, so we'll only point to download links that require no registration. 

pushI speak my mind and I speak the truth. FM Scout is my brainchild and I try to make it a better place every year. I consider myself a lucky man for being able to turn this website into an engaging and vibrant community.


Discussion on "Football Manager 2011 Summer Transfer Updates"

jonaskim952011-09-17 02:09
Nice post

hijaz2011-09-06 04:56
i don't know if anyone have mentioned this,for wally's update nando and andy still with their old club.. :( :(

Group Stam2011-09-05 17:05
@chris g @mrickard:
I have provided installation instructions on this page, check them out.

chris g2011-09-03 15:30
need some help they dont work

mrickard2011-09-02 10:03
where do you place the file if you use a mac?

Group Stam2011-09-02 02:08
I think you can select that when starting your game.

Tante2011-09-01 17:31
Thanks a lot stam! One question though, will the game still start at 2010?

Group Stam2011-09-01 16:54
I can't really answer that since I didn't make Wally's update and Wally is not explaining it further on the official thread.

redalert2011-09-01 14:56
On what basis were the CA/PA changes made?

Supergiaca2011-09-01 14:34
Very good, thx!! :)

Group Stam2011-09-01 12:51
Has to be worldwide mate, or at least this is what the authors are saying.

Andreas352011-09-01 12:43
From which leagues this update has the summer tranfers???

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