Football Manager 2012 Tips and Free Agents

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I'm happy to announce that I'm back in business after a while of being burned out with the site. Some personal stuff happened as well, and in general things didn't go as planned for most of the past month. That's history though and I'm finally ready to get rocking again.

During the last couple of days you must have noticed I've been hard at work contributing fresh FM12 content to the site. The most important of it includes:
Football Manager 2012 Hints and Tips - The complete set
Football Manager 2012 Free Agents - The most notable

What's next in line?

Well, first off I must apologize for not living up to my own expectations with the long awaited site upgrade. I'm sorry.

I'll definitely keep adding FM12 content on a daily basis. But the bigger plan is to launch the new eventually. I'm determined to make the switch during this coming week, most likely before Wednesday. I don't want to make another promise though about it; I'll just keep my head down and work through it.

What I can promise you is that the launch of the new site version will be combined with an announcement about Genie Scout.

Thanks for your support and understanding through the years.

Kind regards,

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