Football Manager 2013 Demo Now Available

You can now download the FM13 Demo via Steam and play half a season in-game! Find download link below...

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Football Manager 2013 Demo Now Available

The long awaited Football Manager 2013 Demo was just made available on Steam. You can search for it on your Steam client or click the download button below.

The demo is expected to offer a half-season (in-game) taster of the game, which is enough time for you to dust off your managerial cobwebs, and hit the ground running in your new FM 2013 career.

Demos normally include quick-starts for the world's biggest leagues, giving players a chance to try out their skills with teams from multiple countries.

Your saved games should be compatible with the full release of the game.

Download FM13 Demo


Getting an error?
If you're getting an error saying "An error occured while installing Football Manager 2013 Demo (No subscription)", simply restart your Steam client and try again.

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Discussion on "Football Manager 2013 Demo Now Available"

  • Florence_'s avatar
    Thanks you!!
  • Stam's avatar
    @kauleas15: It's a false positive. There are no viruses within the FM.exe. We suggest adding the FM.exe to your exceptions list. This issue has been encountered when running Avira and Avast.
  • kauleas15's avatar
    Hello....i installed the demo 5 times and every time it says that the game is unavailable....file incorrupted...and my antivirus system says that a file has a problem.....does anyone know what to do????thanks...
  • craborumtoon's avatar
    Cheers Stam - demos v.good!!! Cam't wait for the real thing on Nov 2nd!!!!!!:))
  • Arvind's avatar
    I got FM12 as a gift on disc. I installed steam to download the demo for FM13, but after I installed it, updated it(took forever this), and created my account, it got stuck when it was logging in, whether I tried to log from the site or from the .exe. I looked on many google searches and some said to delete some dll or some blob file. I did it and then when I opened it it started updating again..Is there anyway to get the game without steam?
  • yinchaoo's avatar
    thank u

  • Stam's avatar
    @BCFCste: Hey Stephen, did you try shutting down Steam and re-opening?
  • BCFCste's avatar
    stam its me Customkits from fb i cant access the demo mate
  • Stam's avatar
    @tasos: FM13 Demo is 1,639.7 MB.
  • tasos's avatar
    How many gb is the demo?