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Football Manager 2013 Screenshots

All FM 2013 screenshots in one place - 56 pictures as of 8 September 2012.
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Football Manager 2013 Screenshots
We were the first to publish the official Football Manager 2013 video announcement in text. Now it's time to reveal some Football Manager 2013 screenshots which have also been made public today on the official Sports Interactive forums.

Updated: 8 Sep 2012
We will keep updating this page with new screenshots as they become available.

Click on the thumbnails for the full size pictures.

8 September 2012 (35 screenshots)

6 September 2012 (21 screenshots)

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Discussion on "Football Manager 2013 Screenshots"

Sizeman212012-09-20 19:54
Will more team logos and faces be included in 13? Cause it sucks not even having some of team logos and big stars faces to look at. plus, thats what i look in a teamis the logos and colors and players.

kamynero2012-09-08 14:48
Apple theme!

ordana2012-09-07 14:28
those unlockables are terrible!! Talk about putting something in to cheat and ruin the game!!

sergiobisonte2012-09-07 13:41
looks like the last 2 fm

ChelseaFan262012-09-06 17:51
Interface screens look very flashy. Not sure if I like it.

johnakos282012-09-06 17:17
very nice

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