Football Manager 2013 will ship with Turkish language

It is confirmed that Football Manager 2013 will include Turkish due to popular demand, after having reached a certain sales milestone.

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Football Manager 2013 will ship with Turkish language
Even though the first official announcement for Football Manager 2013 is expected to arrive sometime around late August, we can already confirm something new about it.

Miles Jacobson, studio director at Sports Interactive, has officially announced on his social media accounts that FM 2013 will finally include Turkish language on the PC/Mac editions.

Here is the official statement:

Miles Jacobson:
A few years ago I stated when we reached a sales milestone in Turkey, we'd add Turkish language to FM PC/Mac.
We finally hit it on Friday.
Therefore #FM13 will ship with Turkish language - people of Turkey, please don't let me down. #Buy FM13, don't pirate it.

Piracy of Football Manager in Turkey has reportedly been in high levels during the last few years, but it seems there was a significant increase in sales that forced Sports Interactive to finally add Turkish language to the game; due to popular demand as well.

FM gamers in Turkey should definitely be happy following this announcement.
Remember: Buy FM, don't pirate it!

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Discussion on "Football Manager 2013 will ship with Turkish language"

  • Bahadir03's avatar
    its great thank si/sega
  • panorama_927's avatar
    That's good
  • who manager? who's avatar
    Thx. I am Turkish player. Turkish people love Football Manager. This is true.
  • adamparry's avatar
    Great news, well done to all at SI/Sega!

    One thing I meant to ask, is FM2013 going to be more 'disabled friendly'? Sounds a strange question to ask, yes, but having worked with disabled football fans many of them would like to get into the whole FM malarkey - however, many of them find it too difficult and frustrating (remember, a lot of them are not as patient as you or I) so could something be done to open FM to everybody?