Football Manager Official Manual

Super-swanky manual by SI and SEGA

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The first available online manual ever released by SI with SEGA's help.

Read the manual.

"Firstly, welcome to the Football Manager 2010 online manual and help centre.

In our bid to preserve the planet and to offer you a much improved interactive manual we’ve put all the information into this easy-to-navigate online guide. Inside the manual, you will also find all of our Football Manager 2010 tutorial videos to help you on your way to becoming the greatest in the world!

In addition to this, you will find a brand new FAQ section for any game related questions you may have as well as game guides supplied by our vibrant Football Manager community. We hope you enjoy your stay."

Languages included:

* French
* Italian
* Spanish
* Dutch
* Portuguese


Thanks SI and SEGA :beer

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