FM Genie Scout 12 final

All reported loading data errors have been fixed, plus a few more fixes. This is perhaps the last GS12 version before the winter's update patch.

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FM Genie Scout 12 final
FM Genie Scout 12 public final is here!

All reported loading data errors have been fixed. Also it includes the following changes:
- French language works again
- Error when creating screenshot of history has been fixed
- The issue with some newgens name has been resolved

Head over to our Genie Scout 12 download page to grab it!

For 'g' version owners, you should be able to find link to the newest build via the update facility of the program. There are 4 'g' specific fixes in addition to the changelog above.

If you want to donate, please use the donation box on Genie Scout homepage.


P.S. Our newsletter followers got the download link before everyone else. We will follow the same drill for the next versions as well, so if you want to receive your download links early next time, make sure you sign up to our newsletter - it's free!

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    when i go to load a saved game it says i have no saved games? Help would be much appreciated?