FM Genie Scout 12 final build 206

This is perhaps the last GS12 version, as certain measures were taken to make it compatible with the upcoming 12.2 patch.

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FM Genie Scout 12 final build 206
FM Genie Scout 12 public final build 206 is here!

* Compatible with patch 12.2 (winter update)
* Error on staff and clubs export is fixed
* Error on search by region is fixed
* Donation via Paypal is available again

Head over to our Genie Scout 12 download page to grab it!

For 'g' version owners, you should be able to find link to the newest build via the update facility of the program since yesterday. There is 1 'g' specific fix in addition to the changelog above.

If you want to donate, please use the donation box on Genie Scout homepage.


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