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How to share your FM17 tactic on

Step by step instructions on how to successfully submit your Football Manager 2017 tactic and have it published fast.

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Site Assistant - How to share your FM17 tactic on
If you have a winning tactic that you have created yourself, you should consider sharing it with the Football Manager community. A lot of people are not very comfortable with creating good tactics of their own, so they're always looking to try ready-made tactics.

But not everyone is familiar with using our site. With this article I'm hoping to guide you through the whole process of uploading your tactic here, adding screenshots to your submission and finally give you some quick tips on good practices for your presentation.

When someone is looking to download a tactic, presentation is of crucial importance. You need to convince our visitors that your tactic is worth trying.

Remember that you need a free member account here in order to submit a file. All you need to sign up is your email address, a username and a password.

Step 1 - Uploading your tactic file

First you need to upload your tactic file to an online location. The best place is your personal file space (members only) here on fmscout. Once you're there, click the "Upload Files" blue button on the left sidebar. Then choose your file and click Upload.

Alternatively, you can upload your tactic to a free file hosting site such as hostr. If you do that, make sure to copy/paste the link inside your submission form (see the next step).

Step 2 - Go to the FM17 Tactics submission form

You can find the link to the submission form on the FM17 Tactics area. It's located at the top of the left sidebar as a red button saying "Submit File" (members only).

Step 3 - Taking screenshots and uploading them

You should show some screenshots that showcase the details and the results of your tactic, especially the results.

You can take a screenshot by pressing Alt + F9 on your keyboard. Doing that should save a picture inside your screenshots folder which is located at Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2016\screenshots
Then you can upload these screenshots to FM Shots.

Alternatively, you can use a free screen capture tool such as gyazo or lightshot.

There's also a third option. Press Alt + PrtScn (Print Screen key) and then go to snaggy to paste your image (Ctrl + V).

Once you have uploaded all screenshots, copy/paste their links inside your submission form.

Step 4 - How to fill out the tactic submission form

Choosing a good title
The most important factor for a popular tactic is to have a catchy title. If you can't come up with a catchy title, at least make sure it's as accurate as possible. Using titles such as "The Best Tactic Ever" won't pass here.

A catchy title means using popular terms, such as "wonder", "tiki-taka", "possession", "goal machine", "domination" or similar. But if you do that, make sure it's justified, otherwise you won't be receive many nice comments.

Presentation is everything
You should take a little time to write some text for your tactic. Explain a few things about how it works, what kind of players is best suited for and give some advice about training and team-talks if you can. Every bit of extra information can be valuable to those who are trying to decide whether to try your tactic or not.

Advanced settings
You can simply ignore these as I'm personally taking care of that.

Step 5 - Publish and wait

Once you're ready, click the red "Publish" button at the bottom of the submission form. An admin will see your article in the validation queue and will either publish it or ask you for some needed details before doing so. But if you follow the instructions above, 99% you tactic will get published fast.

That's it. I'm looking forward to seeing your submitted FM17 tactics on fmscout!

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