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Mount & Blade Database

In this database, San Marino is replaced as Calradia, and there's a new division with nobles from Mount & Blade: Warband.
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In this database, San Marino is replaced as Calradia, where the game Mount & Blade takes place. I've added a division to it (named The Tournament, because I'm terrible with names and there's lots of tournaments in M&B, and this is another type of tournament.), with teams like Swadia City, Swadia United, Rhodok Tribesmen, Nords of the North, you get the drift.

All the players would be nobles from the game, and most are, but although I put in as many nobles from the game as possible, I needed more players than there are in M&B. To have a decent amount of nobles in each team, I added imaginary sons, which have the same last names as some of the others. I also have the kings and claimants (There's a claimant for each realm, saying they deserve to be king. A team of the rhodok king will be rivals with the team of the rhodok claimant) be the chairmen of the teams.

There's 13 teams, with each team facing each other team 3 times during the season, making a total of 36 games.



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