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New goes live

New design, upgraded site engine & exciting new features coming soon
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New goes live
We are happy to announce our new site version is finally launched!
It's expected to have some minor issues in the first couple of days, until we can thoroughly check all the bits and pieces and fix whatever is going wrong.

Please read the announcement in the forums for more details in regards to this upgrade. You should also report there any issues you might encounter while using our revamped site.


pushI speak my mind and I speak the truth. FM Scout is my brainchild and I try to make it a better place every year. I consider myself a lucky man for being able to turn this website into an engaging and vibrant community.


Discussion on "New goes live"

petrangg2011-11-15 17:19
Maybe add some blue ! :D

peralta2011-11-15 14:33
Very nice layout, clean and b'utifil. Good job :)

GreekNick2011-11-14 16:58
Nice job Stam !!!! RED OR DED

Group Stam2011-11-14 14:14
I'm glad that you like it! You know I'm an Olympiakos supporter as well, but I'd try to come up with a couple more color schemes for people who dislike red :)

Cheers mate! You know I just can't stop :D

Thanks! :)

petrangg2011-11-14 13:11
awesome !very nice job stam :D i like the white-red combo ;o
i believe the "real world" section is a good addition especially the Live Streaming :)

_Man_u_barmy_army_2011-11-14 01:41
Have to commend you on the work that you have put into the site Stam, keep it up lad!

suba2011-11-14 00:14
Good job!

zefrogi2011-11-13 17:48

Exactly, that's what I feel is making this the best site for FM out there on ze webs, you're just you and constantly improving. I remember the days when it was only that was around! I'm very happy with what you say though, too many FM sites seem promising and then falter after 6 months. Humble yet driven, love it!

Group Stam2011-11-13 17:12
Thanks for your kind words, much appreciated! :)
In all honesty, there is still a long way to go. But I can safely say we are on the right track and getting there eventually (towards a great FM platform for fans).
I'm not interested in being better than the rest though, my aim is to improve this place regardless of what's out there.

zefrogi2011-11-13 16:40
Wow, Stam, gotta say man. The new website looks amazing. Thanks for making such a great platform for FM and it's fan boys. You've easily made fmscout the number wan! FM site.

Group Stam2011-11-13 12:52
Thanks Tsak! I appreciate it :)

@Rowan @Zonnegod:
Even though I had some people reporting that last night, I was out of ideas as to what could be wrong. I just had 8 hours of sleep though, so I should be able to iron these out today.

Zonnegod2011-11-13 11:46
I also like the new look!
I just get an access denied error when I try to access the home page when logged in.
And when I pressed "Login to comment" at the bottom of this page I was referred to a list of all the users instead of a login window :P

Rowan2011-11-13 10:57
Hey Stam, like the look of it, but I'm getting all kinds of Access Denied errors....I presume these are just teething problems though.

Tsakalaki2011-11-13 08:27
Well done Stam. Excellent work!

Group Stam2011-11-13 03:19
@J.A. Marítimo:
Thanks! I still have plenty of work to do here.
Hopefully, every technical detail should be sorted out by Monday, so I can start adding new features. I can't wait to share those, but I also need some sleep for now :)

J.A. Marítimo2011-11-13 02:56
Looking good! Nice job

Group Stam2011-11-13 02:40
I'm glad you like it. Thanks! :)

kruSher2011-11-13 02:24
nice look


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