Referee fairness

Just a referee being as fair as he can to both sides...

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All football fans know how annoying it is when the referee makes a mistake or makes unfair decisions. So this referee tries to be fair...

If game stops for no reason it must be a foul.

Refereeing like a boss!

Reacted the Burnley fans.

Referee becomes hero.


Now both sides are pissed, weldone referee.

That perfectly explains everything.

But both fans are still pissed which proves that fair referees will be hated more than unfair ones!

No being fair to fans is not worth getting mutilated.


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  • awesome mate lol :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :))
  • Technically that ball isn't in the penalty box. It has to cross the line in it's entirety to be inside the box, but if you're disputing that the contact did indeed occur in the penalty box, then that might be true, it's hard to tell from these pics.

    IMO the Ref made the right decisions (given that Gunnarson did indeed foul Castaignos)
  • Hahaha
  • haha cool!
  • epic ref xD
  • Its really good.
  • Lol. epic.
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    I must say I am rather disappointed witht the lack of views.
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    A bit disappointed with the amount of views, guess people are having finals or out on holiday, or just waiting for FM 13. I'll make another one, the only clue i'm giving you is that it stars dolan duck.
  • Actually I took it out on purpose... censorship for the horrid gore lol
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    LOL forgot this pic stam:
  • Better late than never :) Moral of the story: Never give up hope lol
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    Dude stam you said you would post this 2 months ago... I had given up hope, didn't wonna bug you about it.