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Viiral's Brasileirão Project (13 Tiers) with State Leagues (Fictional Brazil)

Brazilian structure Remade (massive structure)
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Viiral's Brasileirão Project (13 Tiers) with State Leagues (Fictional Brazil)
This is a work of fiction. I have rebuilt the Brazilian league to my own pleasing.

This is a massive structure.. have not been tested with many leagues loaded
so if you do plan on using it as part of your multi league save, please do a holiday test first..

After a great depression, the league was rebuilt and while it was rebuilt it also was expanded.

Campeonatos Nacionais
The national league is the is the premier tournament in Brazil

Divisões Inferiores
Ever since the reforming of the Brazilian league the Lower Divisions have been part of the national league structure

Campeonatos Estaduais
The state championships are football competitions carried out in every state of Brazil.
As the state championships are very old competitions (the oldest competition in Brazil is the Campeonato Paulista, which started in 1902), they are very traditional, and are almost as important as the national leagues.

Copas Nacionais
These are cups that plays along both leagues.

Escudo de Sócrates = End of Season Super Cup
Note: Winner of Serie A vs Winner of Troféu de Liga

Escudo de Garrincha = End of Season Super Cup
Note: Winner of Inferior 1 vs Winner of Troféu de divisões inferiores

Copa do Brasil = FA Cup
Note: Every Brazilian team takes part of this gigantic free for all knockout tournament. (928 teams)

Troféu de Liga = League Cup
Note: Teams from Serie A through H

Troféu de divisões inferiores = Lower division League Cup
Note: All teams from Inferior 1 through 5

Update Date
20 December

Season Date

State Date

League Date

Latest version can be found in my Mediafire folder

This has been tested for 3 season with no crashes.


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