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Tactic very close, where you have total control of the match.
By becoming overwhelming, 30 scoring chances in some games, but the average rage near that figure.

442 is a diamond and filosfia is attack attack attack, where the opposing team gets you very little. I'm playing with her now, as my fihcajes forced to change the system, and I have 30 games unbeaten. Seriously, it's full command of the game to Barca style. tap tap tap, and gol gol gol q mas ... I can tell, just that without hesitation descargueis not disappoint you.

With this tactic you will fall titles like hotcakes, I'm convinced.
Download the tactic at the top of this page and I reckon that this will work.
This all set, I would not touch anything, I've been around the corner 12 goals in those 30 games, which I think is spectacular because of the difficulty of this FM in pieces. Corners always leg with a changed pitcher.
Comentais me to lower it and such.


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