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FM 2013 Data Updates

FM 2013 Data Updates

Custom made data packs for latest real transfers and real name fixes in FM13

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  • FM13 Transfer & Data Update Packs by pr0
    FM13 Transfer & Data Update Packs by pr0
    584248   187469   396  
    Over 103.660 changes up to 1st of October 2013 that Football Manager 2013 doesn't include!
  • FM 1990 (Update)
    FM 1990 (Update)
    17560   3458   5  
    If you want to meet players from season 1990/1991, this is a great opportunity for you. In this update we created players from big European clubs for the season 1990/1991.
  • FMF Season Update
    FMF Season Update
    15741   3761   1  
    Transfers, real results and more updated on September 23... and the possibility to start on 20 May 2013!
  • Arsenal 2004
    7241   455  
    The famous Arsenal team from the season 2003-04 when they went unbeaten.
  • Women's Football: The Database
    Women's Football: The Database
    12164   1253   3  
    Now manage some of the best female footballers in the world on Football Manager 2013!
  • Legends database: A mix of the old and new
    Legends database: A mix of the old and new
    31604   6197   12  
    Here is my custom legends database containing players of the past and present, plus today's best youth prospects.
  • Extra Wonderkids 1.0
    23755   2846  
    Extra Wonderkids for your FM13 save.
  • Newton Heath FC Editor Data
    Newton Heath FC Editor Data
    7061   488   3  
    Editor Data for the created Newton Heath FC
  • No foreign players limit and work permit eliminated
    13839   2861   9  
    Added 45 nations to the EU to eliminate foreign players limit and work permit problems.
  • FM13 Save file for June 2042
    19616   4845   3  
    Simmed, managerless file for the future.
  • Transfer Rumour Update 2013/14
    24447   3024   4  
  • Leeds Takeover FM13
    Leeds Takeover FM13
    16145   1504   3  
  • Huge Database for FM13
    Huge Database for FM13
    57971   15674   2  
    This XML will add an option for you to select huge database when starting a new save game in Football Manager 2013.