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FM 2017 FLUT skin white - 2.8 (updated)

A white skin for the regular career mode of Football Manager 2017. Version 2.8 released on 17 June 2017.

By on Nov 12, 2016   Jun 17, 2017   100789 views   167 comments
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Downloads: 30303 / Size: 111.6 MB / Added: 2016-11-12
Football Manager 2017 Skins - FM 2017 FLUT skin white - 2.8 (updated)

FM 2017 FLUT skin White - 2.8

Skin for FM 2017 regular career mode and widescreen (1920x1080).

This is the FLUTSKIN - White, for FM 2017 - Version 2.8

I had doubts about releasing this version, since it is not a new version but an update of the last one. However, considering the fact that I did a new scoreboard (for Pokal DFB) and also I included new changes in the news panel (now you can choose among 17 news headers) I decided to release it as the last version of FLUTSKIN for FM17.
An huge thank you to all FMfans who decided to use this skin and support my work with kind words of support!!

About this update
Well, after I released this version 2.8, I took a look at the wonderful work made by Jovovich in the match intro panels. Since he shared the files and said they can be included in free skins, I didn’t resist and I included it (with small changes) in this update. I think it is an amazing add on (you can see how it works HERE).
Thanks for the brilliant work, and thanks for sharing it, Jovovich!

I hope you enjoy it

Compatible with DF11 and Scope Faces

A special thank you to all great skinners who indirectly contributed to FLUTSKIN and a very special thank you to PATRES10 for the 2D default kits (especially tailor-made for FlutSkin).

Released: 17 June, 2017

Resolution requirements:
This skin was made to work properly in 1920x1080 (1080p) full screen mode. As a result, some panels won’t work properly in other resolutions (and also in 1920x1080 windowed mode).

In this pack I included a TUTORIAL PDF with instructions regarding the structure of your Graphics folder in order to view the citypics, the kits and the competition logos in player details and in title bar.

You can download the 2D kits for displayed in player overview panel and titlebar HERE

You also can download the citypics (and much more…) in the Backgrounds Superpack made by DAZS8 (with some contribution from myself and other FM Fans), HERE

How to add Flut Skin in FM17

Download and extract the .rar file (using either 7-Zip for Windows or The Unarchiver for Mac).

Place the "fm2017flutskin" folder here:
Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2017\skins

  1. Create the folder "skins" if it doesn't exist.
  2. Start FM17 and go to Preferences screen and then into the Interface tab.
  3. You should see FM 2017 Flut Skin - 2.8 updated as option in the skin drop down of the Overview box.
  4. Hit the Confirm button.

Please note this skin is provided as is. It has nothing to do with Sports Interactive or SEGA and won't be supported by them.

Download Now
Downloads: 30303 / Size: 111.6 MB / Added: 2016-11-12

Discussion: FM 2017 FLUT skin white - 2.8 (updated)

167 comments have been posted so far.

  • Flut's avatar
    Hi Sensei: for 2d kits you should download the 2d kits through the link I put in the Important Notes.
    In order to display the right logos, please read the pdf tutorial I included in the skin pack.
  • SenseiTJ2's avatar
    Hi Flut,

    The backleft and backright logos are appearing where I would not like them to be... i.e. the titlebar and also on the 'player background'...

    How do I fix this? I have tried deleting the backleft and backright folders from the logos/clubs but they simply revert to the FM standard logos... is this something to do with the Skin?

    I am using Metallic logos if that helps.

    Thanks for your help..

  • Flut's avatar
    Thank you Doddo!! I'm pleased you like it and I thank you all of your support!!
  • Doddo04's avatar
    thanks for the update flut my skinmaster!!!
  • Flut's avatar
    Hi Robbat: I noticed several differences in your screenshot (not only in the stars). Maybe there is a conflict among skins. Try to clean the cache and keep only this skin in the skins folder.
  • Robbat's avatar
    it's not intentionally. I have installed the skin as described. Why could it be that the stars are not displayed?
  • Flut's avatar
    Hi Robbat: I really don't know how to help you since you don't use my current stars.
  • Robbat's avatar

    by now I found out that I don't have the problem if I put the resolution to 1920x1080 and 100%. But actually I have a 4k display and would prefer to play with 3840x2180 resolution and 200% zoom.
  • Flut's avatar
    Hi Robbat: could you please put a screenshot?
  • Robbat's avatar
    Hi, I have the problem that the ability and potential circles are in the colors pinky and green and I cannot really identify what is the maximum.
  • Flut's avatar
    Hi selcukklnc: use THIS

    Put it in the scoreboard_selector folder, located in the panels folder of the skin.
  • selcukklnc's avatar
    Hi @Flut,

    Is there a way to remove "weather condition, date and type of tournament(like friendly etc.)" from premier league scoreboard?

    These information ruin the scoreboard, I think.
  • Flut's avatar
    Hi tafabane: I use the Debski's World of Hairstyles - Regens Hair Pack for FM17 (I don't use any facepack generator; only the hair pack from Debski for the hair)
  • tafabane's avatar
    Hi @Flut ! What facepack are you using for your generated players ?
  • Flut's avatar
    Hi 575859Sechzig: I really don't know what happens. Thus, I think I can't help you. Are you talking about your tactics overview panel, when you drag and drop players from the squad list to the pitch?
  • 575859Sechzig's avatar
    Hi Flut, this is an amazing skin BUT
    I have one huge problem... and I also have this problem with the other skins, that are probably based on your coding work (or vice versa! no asssumptions at any point here), the major error is in team selection: After a certain time, when I drag and drop players it will freeze and eventually crash my game.

    I am playing on a macbook pro, latest versio of OS Sierra. I deleted my cache and preferences, it will always occurs again: it freezes and then it's done.
    Any help possible?
    Best and many thanks in advance
  • Flut's avatar
    Thanks Nicolasesp :-)
  • Nicolasesp17's avatar
    Amazing !!!
    Thanks Flut !!
  • Flut's avatar
    Hi Nicolasesp: Thanks :) Regarding your question you just have to delete the player additional attributes panel.xml (located in the player folder of the skin, inside the panels folder), and reload the game.
  • Nicolasesp17's avatar
    Hi Flut !
    First thank you for your fantastik job and excuse me for my poor english.
    I just have one question : Can I delete the hidden attribute (like ability...)
    I can not play with all this information !!!
    Thanks, Nico
  • AntonisAntoniou's avatar
    Hello Flut, thank you very much for your answer.
  • Flut's avatar
    Hi AntonisAntoniou: Thanks. In order to change the font in titlebar you should change it in titlebar search panel, located in generic folder of the skin (inside the panels folder).
    Change font="fonts/BebasNeue Bold" by font="fonts/the name of the font you want to use"

  • AntonisAntoniou's avatar
    Hello Flut.
    This is my favourite skin, but it doesn't support Greek font, so I open the font folder and made some changes to xml files and I did it ...expect the fonts that is on the top in every screen ...
    Can you tell me which xml to change?
    Ps.sorry for my poor English.
  • Flut's avatar
    Hi lijieneo: could you put another link or screenshot? I couldn't open that one you put.
  • lijieneo's avatar
    I got this problem with updated skin. How can I fix it?

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