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What league should i start in? (15 votes)

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  • I would like to open this discussion by asking if i was to start a lower league game who and where should i start?

    Also dont like the lower league forum due to people dont take much attention to it.

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  • must it be england? tbh i think its the easiest lower league to manage in FM. I mean that if you already have quite good knowledge of english football and had experience through FM with english football(which most people have lots of lol).

    you should try another league, maybe Sweden. like Roy Hodgson etc. Build up from another smaller country league in europe, build a bit of reputation then move to a bigger club, fail come back to the country you were in, have bigger success then go to another big club this time succeeding or something in the fashion.

    if not you want to take that dangerous route, try a big club from start, spend on known players. win trophies and brag about it! >:)

    but from experience i dont like to go lower than league two.

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  • To be honest, i find the english leagues getting boring, As RedArmy said, Sweden looks like a good idea.

    1. i got luton to premier league and won every competition with them

      i need another team

  • I always try to start new game in lowest leagues. So I would go for try lower than Blue Square Premier.

  • Hmm I'm still so undecided. Thinking of another country, I played as Durham City a few months ago and got them to league one but got bored. Sweden seems to be popping up a lot.

    Fan of Newcastle United.

  • Or, instead of Sweden or England, why not try one that nobody does?

    like Norway? Ukraine? You get the idea.

  • I have chosen my league. Switzerland will be the league of choice!

    Fan of Newcastle United.