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  • So it was in middle of december, Machester United was 3th in the league, 9 points after the 2th and would play against Real Madrid in the Champions League. Sir Alex Ferguson feeled tired, and decided to quit as Man Utd manager. The substitute is Adam Conway, a 52-year old english manager, doing his first manager job here in Man Utd. He has played 37 matches for England, and scored 7 goals. His first match was vs the rivals Liverpool.

    Victory: 2-1! We played well...sometimes, they had the most of the ball, but after 27 minutes, we got an free kick. Ashley Young taked it, the ball flewed in to the box and Rio Ferdinand meeted the ball with his head and it was 1-0 to us.
    Liverpool keeped pushing, but after an amazing pass from Carrick, Berbatov was free with the goalkeeper. 2-0. Kuyt scored their goal from a penalty.

    You guys have any tips for a right defender under 20 M euro? I really need one. I'm going on vacation for a week, so not gonna write, next week, bye!

  • Think the story definitely needs more detail.

  • #57755 Glenn T : Think the story definitely needs more detail.
    Ok! Thanks for the tip, will try to develop the text more in the future! ;)

  • Yep... ;) not trying to be an advertiser mate but check out my story if you want some tips :P

  • Srna has great stats but isn't too young. Then again, hopefully Rafael will realise his potential eventually, so Srna could be a good quick fix until Rafael improves.