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Impossible is Nothing. Seasons 2014/2015 and 2015/2016

Playing with CS Louhans Cuiseaux,

By on Oct 30, 2010   Oct 30, 2010   7434 views   3 comments
I decided to do the blog about my journey from the lowest playable league in France(Championnat de France amateur) to the highest league(Ligue 1). Journey through seasons 09/10,10/11,11/12,12/13, and 13/14 you can find here.

Season 2014/15-Ligue 2
So let's start this blog about the season 14/15 where my team CS Louhans Cuiseaux is playing in Ligue 2 so just below the highest league in France so I just need to be on top 3 to get promoted and to achive my greatest achivment which is to promote the team from the lowest playable league to the highest league in that perticular country.
Well from the media predictions my team was supost to be 20th which means to get last position so my chances to get promoted were very slim. Also board have decided to increase the stadium size from 7980 to 10000 so thats good.
My transfer budget for this season was:

Here are the transfers I have made:

I was very pleased with transfers especially with Anderson and Kevin Afogou which helped my defence because these players played as CB and they did very good past 2 seasons and they come very cheap.

Against teams I thought were quite good:
CS Sedan Ardennes 1:0
OCG Nice 0:0
FC Nantes 0:1
RC Lens 0:0
CS Sedan Ardennes 2:0
OGC Nice 2:0
FC Nantes 0:0
RC Lens 2:1

That's guite very good results 15 points out of 24 so only 9 points lost which is fantastic because I think these teams which I played against were very good. My team manage to not to lose and even to win some of the games which made me very pleased.

League Table at the end of the season:

Against odds 2000-1 that my team is going to win the league, somehow my team maange to win it with only 2 loses in the season. I was very pleased with my results I drawed most of the games which is good because I didn't lose them so thats still some points.
It made me really proud when it turns out that it was the highest place that CS Louhans Cuiseaux have ever been and that I was added to favouried personal at the team. I also achive the highest achivment I did which is to promote team from the lowest playable league into the higest league in country which I made in 5 seasons which is just amazing and I am relly proud of it.

Season 2015/16 amazing is happend - Ligue 1
Imposibble has become possible. I manage my team from 4th French League(Championnat de France amateur) into the highest French league(Ligue 1). This is the greatest filling on Earth when you find out that you manage your team from the worst league in the country to the best league in the country. To manage that you should have pationce because almost in first season I didn't relogate my team from 4th league and also have to skill to buy players like I payed 14k pounds on Polish player Marcin Sobczak and in 4 season spending with me he manage to become the top goalscorer for the club with 69 goals in 115 matches which is pretty darn good.
Here it is a screenshot:

So my transfer budget for this season was:

My transfers which I did:

Well my transfers were pretty good. The most transfer which I was pleased was Jose de Leon which is 18 year-old Guatemalan central defender. You could ask me why did I buy some 18-year-old defender when I already had Pawel Borajuniec, Anderson, Kevin Afougou and Aurelien Mariet? All this were good defenders but they all are over 25 and Anderson was 35 at the time so I was thinking that he will go on retairement and I was looking for the future. I also was pleased with Stephane Anne loaned from Arsenal. He was probobly my best central midfilder at age just 18 and I wished he could come to me but Arsenal put risnible at leat in my opinion price with 13,750,000 punds(his value was 3,750,000).

Against big teams:
Olympique de Marseille 2:1
Olympique Lyonnais 0:2
AS Monaco 0:1
Girodins Bordeaux 0:1
Paris Saint-Germian 1:2
Olympique de Marseille 0:2

Olympique Lyonnais 0:1
AS Monaco 2:0
Girodins Bordeaux 1:1
Paris Saint-Germain 0:1

So only 7 points out of 30 so thats quite bad but still it was my first season with CS Louhans Cuiseaux in Ligue 1 so still good that I manage to have some points. Winning with OM made me really pleased because I could manage them but I decided to stay with my team and I still think that I made the best decision I could.

League at the end of the season:

Media prediction for my team suprrisenly was 15th. I dont know how, maybe because I just won Ligue 2 last season but to be honest no idea. I am really pleased because I come close to 15th only better because I was 11th so thats just brillinat. First season in highest league for my team and I ended in the mid-table so thats good achivment and also its the highest place that CS Louhans Cuiseaux have ever been. Next season I hope that I will be higher than 11th.

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Discussion: Impossible is Nothing. Seasons 2014/2015 and 2015/2016

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    Decent post mate. Good job B)
  • macdab55's avatar
    It took me an hour to write. At least its good. Thanks for comment. :))
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    Great going mate! ;)

    Decent layout/presentation, and I can also see you are improving your writing, good work!
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