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Playable 5 leagues for Greece by macdab55

5 league playable from Greece
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Greek 5 playable leagues:

Highest division is Greek Superleague in which there are 16 teams. 3 teams are relogated from this division.

Second Division is Greek National B Division in which there are 18 teams and 3 teams are relogated.

Thrid Division is Greek National C Division in which there are Greek National C Division North and South. There are teams from 16 to 18 teams and 10 teams are relogated.

Fourth Division is Greek Regional Division in which there are groups and are named groups from 1 up to 10. In this Division there are number of teams between 13 and 18.

Fifth and last Division is Greek Amateur Division and there are 52 groups to choose from. In this Division number of teams are from 4 up to 24 teams.

There is also a Greek Cup.


Patch 11.2

I would love comments on how I could improve this database.



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