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Sir Alex Ferguson Tactics

Superb Package for FM 2012
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We know very well that Manchester United plays all these years fast attacking football full of lethal combinations and goals.
It globally known that Sir Alex is working constantly all these years on this particular model .The ball down ,fast 1-2
plenty off the ball workload and rigid discipline .The fans adore this way of football and they show their devotion to Sir Alex.
The last years however ,Manchester United has find an alternative model of success .Not so popular but very resolute as well.
Its 4-3-3 .Carlos Queiroz worked as assistant of Sir Alex for several years .These years were enough to make Sir Alex to understand how important is defending organisation,tight marked space,counter attacks and solid defence .Queiroz is not an easy guy so he was the ideal person to convience Fergie to change his approach a little bit .He made him to realise that goals,victories and stylish displays are good only if you win the trophy .The trophy which intriguides Sir Alex the most is Champions League .A so called Crown of the Trophies ,the league of the leagues and lastly the fullfilled dream of Sir Alex .
He said ,"I am not obsessed anymore ,I won it twice .I think my obsession is over" Dont say lies Sir Alex .It wouldnt be bad
to win it once more .Its not so bad to take it against Barcelona ,the modern super team .From the obsession of attacking 4-4-2 ,to the resolute and disciplined 4-3-3 .Queiroz changes minds but presidents change him as well .Kind of Hirony ?Just to tell you that is not so smart to talk a lot .Its a rhetoric art to know to speak ,but its a unique gift to know to listen .

As for FM 2012 these tactics work great and they are already tested with 4 different clubs(PSV,Feyenoord,Marseille and Parma)

The results were better than I expected especially with Parma .I was in 6th position till 1st of january and in the other 3 clubs I was winning with a big margin without using in all of the matches my first 11 .Despite constant rotation the team was performing extremly well .With PSV I was 1st ,9 points ahead of Ajax who was second .

Just work very hard in the trainings and focus on work extensive in the match preperation .Hard work is always rewarded .

Take care ;)

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Discussion on "Sir Alex Ferguson Tactics"

Roberto.Mancini2012-12-18 09:08
Everything is fixed .Just click here

Group Stam2012-09-27 09:38
Download link doesn't work indeed. Please avoid using free hosting sites to upload tactics; upload them on your personal file space here instead.

Gueza2012-06-26 18:12
Can't download. update please.

Roberto.Mancini2012-05-18 15:19
Tactics are Better :)

sawatdikorn_k2011-12-13 14:48
He is good.

Roberto.Mancini2011-10-29 21:06
At least the liar found and this is you .Ok ? Behave ;)

Diplexbullet192011-10-28 11:14
File not found.

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