27 November 2012 Data Loss

Today I, along with many around the world faced the temporary loss of fmscout.com due to hardware failure. Today we mourn, tomorrow we REBUILD.

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27 November 2012 Data Loss
A problem with our hard drives setup caused all of our data to disappear. We tried for 6 hours to restore the setup and recover data, but sadly that didn’t work. The last backup we’ve got is from the day we moved to the new server.

This means everything that happened on the site after 31 October is lost: forum posts, downloads, articles, member accounts, stats. It’s the worst day in the 8 year history of this site.

The next step

I’m personally devastated and even considered closing the place down for good, but giving up is not really my thing. So here’s what I’m going to do. I’ll restore the site to the last backup from 31 October. I’ll try to add back all the lost page and forum categories, as well as all lost articles and downloads. I’ll also try to restore some of the recent sticky forum topics. Hopefully, by the end of the day I’ll have all of that ready and working.

If you created your member account after 31 October, you will need to create it again. If you started a FM13 manager story, you will need to start it over. We’ll have a couple of staff members helping you out getting some of your story contents back (I think most forum posts until 19 November can be recovered this way).

This doesn’t affect the purchases from our store though, nothing is lost there.

We are deeply sorry for this very unfortunate event. We are taking the necessary actions to make sure it won’t happen again.

Thanks for understanding.
Stam / FM Scout admin

Special thanks to or.dabool, mdlp1991, akash.vidyasagar and ejay for being the first to help me keep my head high in this horrible day. And to joannes3000 for the inspirational quote I used as the description for this announcement.

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Discussion on "27 November 2012 Data Loss"

  • Thanks for keeping it up guys, we all enjoy the community. Glad to have my verified buyer badge go straight back up too :D

  • CockneyReject...........the GREAT kelly clarkson really!!!!!!!
  • This is my first post on FMscout, but have been in hiding for the past few years. I decided to join last month and purchase FM2013 through the site to help support.

    This place has been amazing and offered so much assistance to the rollercoaster of saves and contributed to all the fun and excitement.

    Don't let this affect you. The community will always bounce back and given time will only come back better than before.

    In the words of the great Kelly Clarkson, "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger!"

  • I've only been using this site for the last year but i think its amazing... and even though you have had a problem... am so glad you didnt close the site down... :)
  • Stam <3, thank you for keeping FMscout running, this isn't bad, it's just brought us all together more :).
  • Stam we are all behind you here :)
  • "Today we mourn, tomorrow we REBUILD", winners never quit Stam! ;)
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    I know how you feel, my pc's hard drive died a while back and I had no backups. You never learn until it's happened to you. Now I have everything important backed up across four separate computers just in case, you should do something similar!
  • I have no doubt that fmscout will come back even BETTER than before because of this mishap. We're here for many great reasons, Stam, and we will remain here for those same reasons.
  • We love you, Stam.
  • In the end, we still got the two most important things. Chat and eachother :)

    Don't worry stam, it'll pass over :D! You do the community of FMscout proud.
  • Chin up Stam!
  • Don't even think about ending it Stam...where would we all go? ;)
  • Damn :(, Terrible day for FMscout. But it's sorted out now :')