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4-1-2-2-1 Eduard

4-1-2-2-1 with inside forwards
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4-1-2-2-1 Eduard
This tactic has only won me games. Its mostly a 4-3-3 tactic but played on wigs. If you have a good striker who can head and shoot at the same time, hes gonna be a star. The main goal of the tactic is to run down a flank and cross it into the box where you have 2 players waiting, one is the striker and the other is the other winger.

In the demo won with Real Madrid 90% of games. You can see below the match history and see for yourself what this tactic can do.

Now in FM2012 Full I'm in my own country and I win every single game. Even in EURO CUP I won and draw AS ROMA, got passed Athletic Bilbao and Young Boys. See below the match history.

Tactic Setup

Team Instructions

Match History Steaua

Match History Real Madrid (Demo)

Full Tactical Screen

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Discussion on "4-1-2-2-1 Eduard"

shALKE2012-12-27 22:03
you have a big button saying Download Now

shALKE2012-07-29 19:50
The strategy of counter attack is good when playing away and you have really fast wingers.

gotlandskommun2012-07-26 10:07
i have use it with hoffenheim in germany and i finished 3 in league first season... did you change the starting strategi from attack to counter sometimes?? and did you use oi´s?

shALKE2012-07-20 18:09
No tactic is perfect for every team. Sadly that's true.

solidcold2012-07-20 16:51
it doesn't work hereford

shALKE2012-02-12 16:52
@Poma, prep and shouts are usually leave it to my assistant.

Poma2012-02-07 08:55
I had a very hard time with Chelsea and decided to try this tactic.
After 10 league appearances plus two cup matches all seems to work again,
here are the results:

1. (A) Everton 1-2 (W) Torres x2
2. (H) Newcastle 2-0 (W) Mata, Ivanovic
3. (A) West Brom 0-0 (X)
4. (H) Man City 5-2 (W) Torres x3, Mata, Meireles
5. (A) Wigan 0-3 (W) Terry, og, Lukaku
6. (H) Norwich 3-0 (W) Torres x2, Meireles
7. (A) Wolves 0-0 (X)
8. (H) Tottenham 3-3 (X) Luiz, William, Mata (9 men from 2nd minute, Romeu sent off.)
9. (A) Blackburn 0-4 (W) William x2, Lampard, Lukaku
10. (H) Liverpool 2-0 (W) Lampard, Mata

1. (H) Milan 2-0 (W) Ramires, og

1. (A) Southend 0-1 (W) Lampard

Thanx! ;)

Poma2012-02-06 07:36
How about match prep and shouts?

mousatolamogio2011-11-23 14:41
Thanks mate this tactic is really FANTASTIC!, i experimented first with Liverpool for a few games (16 actually Premier league) and i had 14 wins and 2 draws not to mention cup matches. Then i used it on AEK Athens Superleague did the double twice (2 years, 2 league cups-2 domestic cups) plus a very good run in Europe. Finally i'm using it with Wolfsburg (made a few changes on the first-11) and won the Bundesliga 2 consequitive years (always a close call with bayern) and one domestic cup.
Good work mate.

shALKE2011-10-29 21:32
Glad to hear that.

Diplexbullet192011-10-29 17:19
OK im back after testing this tactic out at both wolves and vitesse, 15 games with each. I have to say... well done! with wolves i didnt have as much success but mainly because im playing against the best teams in the game but they were still impressive. Vitesse i was on a losing streak and looking down the barrel but this tactic saved my job currently on a 15 game unbeaten streak drawing only 3 game. Highly recommend this tactic! solid defending most the time which is something i was having a hard time with.

Diplexbullet192011-10-29 09:12
Winning 90% with real madrid isnt a big achievement...

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