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4-1-4-1 wide & 4-3-3 narrow (tested in serie a)

the 2 tactics i've used in my first season
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4-1-4-1 wide & 4-3-3 narrow (tested in serie a)
so i've started my season with the 4-3-3 tactic, i figured out that this would match the squad i had when i began my first season in fm2012 (had only poor wingers, but had plenty of useful central forwards)

end of season:
serie a: 3rd place, 23-4-11 (73 pts), 71-46
italian cup: 1st place, 4-0-1 (pesciara won 5-4 in the semi final, but i advanced on away goals),9-5
eurocup: 1st place, 10-3-2 (started to use 4-1-4-1 from the last group game, cissé scored 14!), 37-13

in the 4-3-3 tactic, the DLC is actually an "attacking defender", supporting the midfield, and scoring 6 goals in the first season (materazzi scoring 6 and astori scoring another 3 when playing in this position, most of them from corners and freekicks).
started to use 4-1-4-1 regularly from the winter break, when i could sign labyad as a right winger, this was used by me mainly against the much stronger opponents, and the only thing you'll need is 2 fast wingers with good finishing and heading, because the crosses will usually reach the opposite winger (both lulic and labyad scoring above 10, and verratti 5 in this position)

conceding so many goals is quite unrealistic however, because if you check out the fixtures, you can see surprising home defeats, like the 0-4 from novara (they were the 1st team relegated from serie a), conceding 5 from pescara, 4 from bologna, chievo, lots of 95th minute goals conceded, etc ...

4-1-4-1 lazio jan_2012
4-3-3 lazio-narrow jul 2011

season stats:

4-3-3 narrow:

4-1-4-1 counter:

cissé's season (top scorer in euro cup, second best scorer in serie a):
games: 44(6)
goals: 33
assists: 6
mom: 8



Discussion on "4-1-4-1 wide & 4-3-3 narrow (tested in serie a)"

omlett2011-11-20 01:36
so i just finished my second season with Lazio using 4-3-3 all season long. i have to admit i don't like this tactic, but since i don't have good wingers, but have 4 great central midfielders and 5 good center forwards to rotate, this was the tactic matching the squad....

so the results:
serie a: winner 6 points ahead of ac milan
26 wins, 7 draws, 5 losses, 93-43, 85 points
italian cup: winner again
4 wins, 1 draw, 11-4
chamions leage: barca beaten me in quarter finals to later beat real madrid in the finals
started in the playoff's last round
10 wins, 1 draw, 1 loss, 37-11
picture is too huge to look okay in the comment --->
won the euro super cup after an extra time, and also won the italian super cup in 90 minutes
Zárate was the poacher all season long without injuries (STC position) and scored 47 goals all season long, 33 in the leage, which is an all time record (i'm planning to cash in on him)
picture is too huge to look okay in the comment --->
yeah, Zárate scored 5 in 2 matches against mu! both schalke and mu were seeded ahead of me in the group stage, but not for next year :)

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