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FM Scout is a well established site (online since 2005) and a solid Football Manager Community. We are getting bigger every day. But the bigger we get, the higher the costs to run and maintain the site.

After the downgrade of server in October 2009, we can cover the running costs alright. We kept the donation cause though, in case you wanted to buy us some beer. As of October 2010, the donation cause and process is slightly changing.

We have started composing lists of good players in FM 2011 by country, and the most important ones are for premium members only. The only way to become a premium member is to donate a small amount of money, as a token of appreciation towards the hours we spend composing those lists. If you donate at least 5 GBP, we will upgrade your account to premium status for 1 year. At some point we are hoping the donation process will become automated.

If you like this site and appreciate our efforts to deliver the most favourite FM fansite around, please donate a small amount of money to us using PayPal. If you don't have a PayPal account it is very easy to get one and it is free.
Donating money is very easy; just follow the instructions. You don't have to pay with a credit card. You can also get a PayPal account, bank transfer money to it and then donate from PayPal to PayPal.

List of benefits for becoming a premium member:
* Your name in the FMScout Special Thanks page.
* Browse the site ads-free.
* Nickname will become different color than regular.
* A black heart icon is shown below your avatar when you post in the forums.

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